Top 20 best free iPhone games

Pocket Gamer writes: "You get what you pay for" is usually a pretty good adage to go by, but in the twisted economy of the iPhone App Store it goes out the window.

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Infamous Gamer3106d ago

My favorite Game is by far We Rule on my Iphone 3gs.

Infamous Gamer3106d ago

Am I the only one with an Iphone? This has been published 3 hours ago. Somebody Comment!

Erotic Sheep3106d ago

I also have an iPhone... house is smelly P_p

pimpmaster3106d ago

iphone owns but i dunno i just get all my stuff from installous so this is kinda pointless since its free free games. instead of paid free games ;)

pimpmaster3106d ago

yea, but i bought my phone used so i jail broke it and unlocked to use with tmobile since i dont wana be forced into a contract and 80$ a month plan. everything was already set up for me to just DL free games, buying them from the app store would be more of a hassle at this point.

tehk1w13106d ago

I actually own 20/25 of those. :D

spunnups3106d ago

Paper Toss and Traffic Rush are the only ones i've tried out. Free games tend to get old very quick. If you have some extra crash, pick up GTA:China Town Wars or Plants Vs. Zombies. Both are worth the admission price.

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