Worthplaying: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Developer Interview

From the interview: "Well, the job didn't really land in my map, that's for sure! We were asked to pitch for a new Castlevania game, and not just us, but America and Japan as well. We took the original tenet, which is lone warrior battling supernatural creatures with a whip. We took that as our main design goal. Originally, we'd intended to remake the classic 8-bit game in 3-D, but very, very quickly, we realized that if we were going to appeal to new gamers, which is one of the briefs that Japan gave us, we would need to do something that wasn't connected to the previous games so that people could just jump straight in. Obviously, Castlevania has 25 years of history there, and it's very difficult for new people to just jump in and get it all."

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