Alan Wake: The Second Ten Minutes (Spoiler)

A new video is showing the second ten minutes of Alan Wake (spoiler).

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AnttiApina3107d ago

Much better than the 1st one, but way too many spoilers! BEWARE

Chubear3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I see a pattern here O.o

We're going to be able to watch the whole thing right here on N4G it seems :/

AnttiApina3107d ago

Are they really leaking the whole game?! Wow! Way to respect the devs: embargo hasn't even lifted yet, so these guys are in a big trouble.

StanLee3107d ago

Not watching anymore videos of Alan Wake. The first video confirmed for me that it's a day 1 purchase so I'm good.

Nineball21123107d ago

Not watching this one, but I can honestly say this game does look good based on what I saw from the first 10 minute clip.

I like the storyline (that I've seen), I like the atmosphere, and I'd really like to play this game! :D

I really hope most 360 owners pick this one up...

creamydingle3107d ago

The graphics look great and that makes me wonder with the size of dvd are we going to get a 5 hour game and have to pay the dlc for the full game?

mittwaffen3107d ago

DVD9 size is being overlooked at because of blu-ray.
DVD9 is tons of space for a video game, just some compression and your good. (Unless you need to compress a 40gb multiplat game)

A PC/Xbox exclusive DVD9 doesnt matter one bit; because the size is being managed properly from the start of development. Where a PS3 multiply then being ported to 360 wasnt designed around dvd9 thus some areas may suffer.

And to be honest looking at that video; that game is top 3 best looking on consoles. Best atmoshpe, the trees, everything has that mountain feel, it feels open (even though its alot less sandboxed based now).

Great looking game, it has alot of elements balanced out alot more than previous games we've seen.

Inside_out3107d ago

Someone spoiled SC C for me...No AW vids till after it comes out...

Biggest3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I was going to stay silent until you said something about the trees. Have you ever been to the great northwest? I lived there for years. I used the ferry to commute. I saw plenty of trees the same way that Alan Wake was looking at trees. Go look at some pictures and tell me if when you see trees you see some trees or a whole f**king lot of trees. The Alan Wake trees are set on a Lego platform. There are some. That is not how trees really look in the northwest.

And no, that is not top three on consoles in ANYTHING. There are at least 10 games that look much better. There are at least 10 with much better stories (from the recent videos). There are at least 10 with smoother gameplay (from the little we've seen). And I swear if I hear one more thing about the lighting. There is usually one (1) source of light in Alan Wake. It isn't hard to make the small area that the one (1) source hits look okay. Stop saying that the lighting is incredible. The light looks good. The light. One (1) light.

@below: I wonder if a voice from the sky will make this game look and play like you promised it would. Right now the heavens are silent.

i3eyond the Circle3107d ago

^^ Aww ain't that cute.

Look at em squirm lol.

Arnon3107d ago

Wow... Would you like to act anymore butthurt, Biggest? If I told you that the Playstation 3 that I own right now is a piece of sh*t, how would that make you feel?

Biggest3107d ago

I would feel bad for you. Don't waste money on things you don't like because your friends said it's cool. Peer pressure sucks. Don't mistake me for what you think a fanboy is. My feelings are not hurt because of some game. I'll probably end up playing it anyway. I make fun of games, people, life because it is fun. It doesn't stop with games. Is your head shaped like a light bulb? I'll probably make fun of you. Does your breath stink? I'll probably make fun of you. Are you fat? Jokes incoming. Do you like the Cowboys? I will even make fun of your mom for that one. I make comments here not because I feel the need to hype or downplay. I make comments here because it's fun to talk trash when I am bored at work. If Alan Wake was looking like the world beater some people (you) made it out to be, I would fully expect someone to make a joke about me. I'd even laugh if funny. But it isn't. It looks like a cheesy game with an incredible light (1). Sorry, bro.

Arnon3107d ago

Funny, I write two sentences, and it seems to force you to write a paragraph. You sure you're not sore down there?

Army_of_Darkness3107d ago

game looks good, but there's quite a big difference between the cut-scenes and gameplay.. furthermore, now that I've seen daylight gameplay, it's very obvious that it comes nowhere near uncharted 2's graphics.

Dee_913107d ago

compared to HR these graphics are sick.Probably even better . but i cant say because they are in diff setting but the characters look just as good cars look better
im not feeling the story yet im still thinking of renting instead of buying tho
unless they release sum dlc later

hamoor3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

alan wake looks great in the daylight too

Fanb0y3107d ago


I actually really want to know what happens next.

The Lazy One3106d ago

there's so much fog... you can barely see the top of the mountain. what a pile...


ryano232773106d ago

Another great 10 minutes there, really interesting to see where the story goes.

The only thing that put me off was the shooting gameplay shown in the original 12 minute vid.

MNicholas3106d ago

5 years later this is all we get?

Looks rather flat and cartoony.

Where are all the normal maps and high-res textures?

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el_nene_lindo3107d ago


Das_Bastardion3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Just because you are a blind motherfvcker doesn't mean that the KING OF CONSOLES cannot handle this game, and to be honest, if this game was exclusive to the PS3 it would have FAR better visuals, you know, I know, everybody knows... FACT motherfvcker!

EvilBlackCat3107d ago


The media space? needs to be in more than 1 DVD

Look at games like RAGE, BRINK, MEDAL OF HONOR NEW GAME jackazz

MEDAL OF HONOR NEW GAME looks way better than KZ2.

xXSilentXx3107d ago

Alan awake looks horrible compared with heavy rain! haevy rain looks 10 times much beautiful.

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TheXgamerLive3107d ago

I love how they did the in game cut scene's so there's no load screens. I've got the week off when this comes out, i'm gonna play all week long.

Microsoft Xbox 3603107d ago

exaggeration at its finest. the game looks average at best.

N4PS3G3107d ago, Beautiful Remedy!

BeaArthur3107d ago

Not watching any of these. I'll wait for the actual game to see how it unfolds.

Convas3107d ago

I didn't even watch the first 10 Minutes. I already know I'm buying this game. I don't need to spoil it for myself.

But Chubear actually makes a good point for once. Are they actually planning on Posting the Entire Game up?

Remedy IS NOT going to be happy about this. I hope this is the last video. Otherwise, this is the Boldest Spoiler Getup in Gaming History.

BeaArthur3107d ago

Yeah, I don't know what's up with this. I'm just trying to prep myself for the impending spoilers that all the a$$ holes on this site like to spam when they become available.

mittwaffen3107d ago

I always would link youtube clips to my buddy like that.

Seeing 10 minutes out of a sp game will not ruin it; it will assure you if you should/shoulnt get it. The game will have 10+ hours easily of SP.

iMaim3107d ago

now i'm waiting for the third ten minutes.
either that or i'm going on a media blackout till it releases.

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