Ubisoft's DRM Policy Is A Bad Business

Kombo's Geoff Calver writes about the draconian DRM policy instituted by Ubisoft and argues that Ubisoft's DRM isn't vital to its business but is, instead, detrimental to the extreme.

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SKUD3106d ago

But great for ISP's.

xDaRkModEx3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

EXACTLY... Just because developers can't code a uncrackable code doesn't mean they should take a dump on people that actually buy the game. I was gonna get this game but F that...

EDIT. All I wanna say i been playing Splinter Cell Since #1 on original xbox and now that i switch to pc they wanna introduced this...

Aphe3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

It makes me laugh the only ones that benefit are the pirates, it'll get cracked eventually, they'll just losing customers. It's a problem but they're being unreasonable.

xDaRkModEx3106d ago

Yea i know, look at Assassin creed 2. :/

Aphe3106d ago

It's tragic really. They talk about reinvigorating the pc gaming industry and then come up with these ideas. How tempting is only being allowed to play your game when they say so? This is taking pc gaming out of the game.

Aaroncls73106d ago

Captain obvious never fails...

5tgyw3ty343106d ago

if i was ubisoft i would worry about the quality of the games first.

NMC20073106d ago

Stop making PC ports and a huge chunk of piracy will stop, it's kinda sad really, a company forced into crazy tactics to protect their IP from criminals, this is what it has come to and the next step is not porting at all...or just forget it and let the pirates have your game for free.