ASUS Core Unlocker to offer six Phenom II cores for the price of four

Upcoming quad-core Phenom II X4 960T processor will transform into a hexa-core beast at the touch of a button.

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edgeofblade4204d ago

Look, I understand why companies like AMD do this. I did my business masters (not an MBA, mind you) and I know how this biz model works.

Except there is always one problem with this model. The more consumers know about your product and how it does stupid sh!t like this, the more it hurts you, either your reputation or your bottom line, thanks to smart users costing you the difference for the same product.

Why can't we just find the middle ground where pulling these kinds of backflips becomes moot?

For all you PC gamers out there, there is something to be said about standardized consoles...

wicko4204d ago

Well the thing is that its not entirely stable to do this. The reason it has 6 cores is because its a failed 6-core cpu, and was binned as a 4 core. Which means 2 cores didn't meet standards. So, users are taking a chance by enabling them again. I have a triple core CPU and I tried unlocking the 4th core. It worked, but I couldn't boot into windows. Other people have been more successful but results vary greatly.

If anything, this only promotes AMD products. Sure you'll get some people that will try to get a 6 core for the price of 4, but the majority of those who want 6 core cpus will buy a 6 core cpu, and not take a chance. It's just like overclocking, you can get a cheap CPU and overclock it past the succeeding models, but you run the risk of instability. It would be better for AMD if a buyer went tried to get a 6 core out of a 4 core than buy an Intel CPU.

Also, I hope PC components never get standardized like consoles.. I'd much rather have my options and spend the amount I want to spend.

Charmers4204d ago

I should also add that Sony do this with the Cell as well. The cell is meant to have 1 PPU and 8 SPU's. However it ships with just 1 ppu and 7 spu's working. The 8th SPU is locked off because not all Cell processors will have a working 8th SPU.

It is just a way for companies to cut costs if you produce a 6 core processor and only 4 cores are working up to spec then it is incredibly wasteful to just "bin it". So companies like AMD sell it as a 4 core processor and some clever so and so comes along with an app to unlock the shut down cores

As for "there is something to be said for standardised consoles" erm haven't we got enough platforms that hold the software industry back for years just because they have standard hardware ?

Letros4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

What do you think will be more profitable for AMD in a year from now, to set up manufacturing for 2 core, 4 core and 6 core processors, or manufacture 6 cores alone and sell disabled cores for 2/4 core chips. They could refuse to sell anything but 6 core processors, but everyone would have to fork out $200-$300, by doing this they bring affordable 2 core processors to the market at $70-$100.

Also you do realize that this is a complete gamble unlocking cores right? There is no guarantee that it will work, as some cores are disabled on purpose, some are disabled because they are faulty.

sak5004204d ago

it's great what you can do with software and hardware nowadays. I've Nokia N900 which has ARM Cortex 600Mhz. Now the maemo community has released modified kernal to o/c it to 1Ghz and above. I'm happy to use it at 900Mhz and the apps and games are running even smoother.

Bet people will lap up the Asus MOBOs just to try out the unlocker thingamagic.

SKUD4204d ago

AMD. More bang for your BUCK. I like that.

zag4204d ago

I found out about that.

The single SPU isn't broken, it's shut off on purpose as it encrypts and handles all the keys for the PS3 system.

So it asks to be locked away straight up and nothing can actually touch it so it makes it extremely hard to bring in rouge programs that could hack or alter the system software in a bad way.

Charmers4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

No Zag that is another SPU, the original Cell in the PS3 was going to have 1 PPC and 8 SPU's. However this proved to be too expensive due to low yields in the manufacturing of the Cell processor.

So to make things cheaper Sony changed the specification of the PS3 to just 1 PPU and 7 SPU's. The 8th SPU was locked off whether it worked or not so that all PS3's were "standard".

Now all PS3's ship with a cell that has 1 PPU and 7 SPU's. However another SPU is reserved for the operating system and security features. So in effect all developers have to run their games on is 1 PPU and 6 SPU's because 1 SPU is locked off for manufacturing reasons and another is locked off to run the operating system and security