Boy, 4, finds stash of pot in Xbox game purchased from Blockbuster

British boy Riley Brown was excited when father Andy Brown, 30, gave him a copy of Fight Night Round 4, but quickly became puzzled by the small plastic bag stashed behind the instructions - and the substance in it.

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Mr_Bun3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )


Seriously though, I'm going to need that back!

FishCake9T43845d ago


I was gonna finish the game
Until i got high

Well thats realistic of EA as they are giving the consumers a chance to have the lifestyle of Mike Tyson.

EA its in the game. Or more accurately behind the instructions.

lociefer3845d ago

lol i would throw the game and keep the pot

Mr_Bun3845d ago

I can't believe there was an instruction booklet with a game that came from Blockbuster!

himdeel3845d ago

...and all this time I thought it was the games themselves that wanted lol

-Alpha3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

There's nothing wrong with pot, I'd have kept it. There is so much ignorance surrounding the legalization of it that it's just plain sad.

But yeah, Fight night Round 4, is that a smart choice to give a FOUR year old? Maybe it's just me but I find that age way too young for video games.

Pennywise3845d ago

I always get my book @ BB. I would rather get this, but the booklet will do!

pixelsword3845d ago

... pot + RRoD = The best console pack-in of all time.


Solidus187-SCMilk3845d ago

I thought it would be cool too untill I saw the picture. that is some really old dirt weed.

I like this part the father said "But what if he'd thought it was sweets, and started munching away? It doesn't bear thinking about."

Nothing would happen as that was a tiny amount of crap weed. And it REALLY looks like sweets /s.

WeeD has never killed anyone anyways, so even with the best weed ever the kid would have still been technically safe. Cant Od on Weed, and its less addictive then coffee.

Umbrella Corp3845d ago

In the other article it was my xbox.

Hellsvacancy3845d ago

Lucky little mofo, im so jealous, i spent £40 2-day on pot and this runt finds it 4-nothin

Cerebellum3845d ago

Wow that article was a headache to read. Was it a translation?

Hideo_Kojima3845d ago

Look at the pick that is nowhere near £40 worth of weed.
Its hardly worth a fiver at most probably someone did it for a joke.

AntoineDcoolette3845d ago

Was that an actual photo of the actual bag of weed? It looks like some extremely sh!tty weed. Still, why couldn't it happen to me? I fantasize about this kind of stuff lol

Wake3845d ago

Yeah its translated believe it or not people don't speak English in England, Sponge.

On topic, Seems like they bought a preowned copy of fight night round 4. Kid looks to young to enjoy that type of game anyways hes most likely one of them GTA4 dad's that only buy there kids games with violence.

Cerebellum3845d ago

Right I'm a sponge because "Boy of 4 in Xbox Game drugs find" is a perfectly grammatically error free sentence /s

RockmanII73845d ago

I have a two year old brother and he plays games, I keep him on a Sonic/Forza diet though.

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Rowland3845d ago

unlike Blockbuster not to make a hash of it !

Speed-Racer3845d ago

and he told his would have smoked that crap while playing my games

WikusVanDeMerwe3845d ago

Not sure if you read the actual story or not but the kid that found the pot was only 4 and the thought of him trying to smoke that or even knowing what it is.....lmao

kraze073845d ago

You'd be surprised. If I saw a 4 year old smoking weed where I'm from I honestly wouldn't be shocked.

Das_Bastardion3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

The Xbox360 is the worst invention in mankind history since the nuclear bomb... oh wait...

Is not the first time that porn is discovered by children in that stupid machine... just WHAT THE FVCK is going on?

Heartnet3845d ago

His Dad wants that Pot back :P