Sage Naruto, Pain Confirmed for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

A brand new scan confirms Sage Naruto, Sage Jiraiya, and Pain for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

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Simon_Brezhnev3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Yeah i'm officially buying this now. Pain is going to be my main character. I'm just surprised the story is going past the U.S. broadcast. The anime should be caught up to the Pain/Naruto fight by fall if they stop with the damn fillers.

Delta3112d ago

Pain Vs. Sage Naruto is passed the JP broadcast. They are going off the manga which is awesome. I can't wait to get this.

Nitrowolf23112d ago

That good that they are past the anime (and manga wow)
i am sick of playing games of Naruto that only go up to the current arc in the show, i think this is how games should be done rather then stop with the actually show they should go beyond considering that they know whats already ahead (manga) instead of releasing new one every year just with a little bit of more story added

FangBlade3112d ago

I just hope that the PS3 is the lead platform since it's not an exclusive anymore.
I dont want this game to suffer due to DVD limitations.
And no, im not trolling, this is a legitimate concern.

tayz3112d ago

There wont be any fillers for a while. Kakashi is fighting Pain in a few episodes and even if there are it wont be alot and it wont take 5 months to get to Pain vs Naruto. I hope there will be characters up to the Hokage Summit. I dont think it will happen but it would be very cool if they covered some stuff that wasnt in the anime like danzo vs sasuke

van-essa3112d ago

Your tears are deicious.

FangBlade3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Tears? what are you talking about?
The game is good but not THAT good lol. and chill, I really didnt mean to troll.
I just hope they'll make a full use of the blu-ray that's it.
If the game turns out to be only 6.8gb,
than you know the game has been compromised to fit the 360's DVD.

LordMarius3112d ago

Yes! must buy, but I want Kabutorochi

Kamikaze1353112d ago

You're wrong. Even if its only 5GB on the 360, it'll be around 20GB or so for the PS3. Uncompressed audio takes up a lot of space. Devil May Cry 4 on the PS3, I believe was around 30GB and it was out for the 360 and PC as well.

ABizzel13112d ago

I'm not a fan of Naruto, but the first game was one of the best fighters this gen to me. It was FUN something that A LOT of games are missing these days. I feel they should add 3 on 3 battles like Marvel vs. Capcom since the ninja are made of teams of 3, and you can already select 2 back up characters for support not to mention the attacks and specials do a nice chunk of damage so the balancing issue would be very similar to Marvel vs. Capcom from the get go.

Those changes should put this game up there with the best reviewed fighting games this gen since the first game got pretty good reviews.

Christopher3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Watch it on Hulu if you can. Naruto is about to start Sage training, and about the third episode into his training Pain should be arriving at Konoha.

As for this news... best news yet. I didn't care for the original Naruto manga too much since there was too much waste between the really good storytelling. Shippuden has been great, a bit more mature in nature with some good story arcs.

***Marvel vs. Capcom since the ninja are made of teams of 3***

Actually, it's 4 to a team. Leader plus three team members.

ExgamerLegends23111d ago

Forget Sage Mode Naruto vs Pain. Sage Mode Naruto vs Sage Mode Jiraiya is where its at. Now the only missing character is Omoi. Or any hidden cloud ninja really. It'll be cool to fight with a ninja that uses a sword. Besides ol' panzy face of course.

Raypture3111d ago


Few games have actually been "compromised" by DVD this is something fanboys made up, if you ever download anything you'd realize that 720p is twice the size of 480p, and 1080p is twice the size of 720p, 1080p takes a LOT of space. That may begin changing though, when/if google makes on2 VP8 available, better compression and better quality.

The actual game of XIII was 9GB on PS3, the rest of it was cut scenese.

Christopher3111d ago

Your logic doesn't make much sense.

First, if the actual game was 9GB with what was released, then that's still 2 discs for 360.

Second, that doesn't include the possibility that it was stripped down so that it could be put onto both platforms. City hubs, open world travel throughout, and other parts of the game if added in would only serve to increase those numbers.

Third, cut scenes are a part of the game, especially when it comes to FFXIII. So, taking them out doesn't help to prove your point, only solidify the limitation of DVD9 as a storage medium.

Finally, I'm not saying multiple DVDs aren't enough or a problem with regard to detracting from gameplay, but it does require game developers to focus on how they break up a story, design an open world, their use of graphics, and their use of audio/video in general. With the PS3, there is no limitation to their design options, with the 360, there is a limitation and the game has to be designed around the possibility of being broken up into multiple discs.

catguykyou3111d ago

I used to watch every new episode without fault as soon as they came out in japan (and were subbed by a fan group) but the fillers killed me. Now, I just read each new chapter of the manga every week. Man the fillers are horrible. At one point the fillers lasted for more than a year.

jetlian3111d ago

fighting games are much smaller than rpgs so 9gbs is way more than enough. another thing rpgs have hours of cgi level cutscenes fighting games are lucky to get 1 hour total but really closer to 30 mins.

also 9 gb can easly be compressed to 8.5 gb. So your wrong 1 disc should be enough

Christopher3111d ago

***fighting games are much smaller than rpgs so 9gbs is way more than enough.***

This isn't your typical fighter game and has an open-area traversing component to it. But, I will give you that these type of games tend to require a lot less space, especially if you go with compressed audio.

***also 9 gb can easly be compressed to 8.5 gb. So your wrong 1 disc should be enough ***

Actually, no. A good amount of the space on DVD9 is reserved for Microsoft's own DRM and the available game space is close to 6.5GB.

jetlian3110d ago

just cause1/2 is 400 sq miles this fighting game is no where near there. JC2 is on 1 disk.

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tayz3112d ago

And look at the eyes, Sasuke has MS! I hope they have Susano because thats going to be my move!

Delta3112d ago

Sasuke has Multiple Sclerosis? LOL

Christopher3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

MS = Mangekyō Sharingan

It's an advanced form of his clan's Sharingan. It's weird, but to get it someone close to you has to die since it unlocks based on the emotions you feel from the loss.

@below: It's the Internet, no one knows just by text alone.

Delta3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I was just kidding around. I know what he meant.

DrWan3111d ago

occasionally u may get inflammation of the optic nerve, but alot of time its ophalmoplegia only

The_Beast3111d ago

one to creat the black flame one to put it out?

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Myst3112d ago

Wow going farther than I expected. Here's hoping they are also doing some extensive testing on the online play.

Redempteur3112d ago

OK that means that they will do everything about shippuden except the last arc ..

Fair enough ..most of teh moves will be up to date ...
All they have to do is to not mess up the online part

prettyboy13112d ago

ftw cant wait to use my boy itachi uchia

Cueil3112d ago

Sick Uchiha Itachi making his way to the game... wonder if he'll start coughing up blood once youg get low enough health

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