Demon's Souls: Best JRPG To Date?

NowGamer: From Software's action RPG Demon's Souls has been announced for Europe - here's why you should be excited...

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-Alpha3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Since it's pretty Western.

I experienced Demon's Souls through pure luck. I only bought it because it was my birthday and I didn't want anything else. What sold me was not the game but the Deluxe Edition. I was so close to selling it until I just decided to play it. I was thrown off guard and completely surprised at how great it was. Uncharted 2 was my GOTY up until I realized that Demon's Souls was simply better.

I'll do you one better and say it's the best PS3 exclusive I have played thus far, simply because the gameplay is addictive and through-the-roof detailed. I have yet to play a PS3 exclusive that has this level of gameplay depth. Multiplayer in Demon's Souls is like none other. People will put a lot of hype on games like UC2 or Killzone 2 simply because it shows off the graphics but this game is a shining example of a game that had to truly earn its status. Gameplay will always trump graphics, and Demon's Souls spits on this generation's foolish fixation on just graphics.

villevalorox3105d ago

IMO, hell yes. Demon's Souls is by far my favorite RPG of any kind. LOve this game to death :)

spektical3105d ago

Deamon Souls is a great RPG, but i dont know about it being the best ps3 exclusive. Uncharted 2 had stellar gameplay, story, online, etc. I dont think its even close. The "hyped" Ps3 games have delivered : Kz2, MGS4, U2, GOW3, etc.

and there are always pleasant surprises to be found and Demon Souls is one of those.

Myze3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

They ask this question as best of all time, not just best of this generation, in which case, I would say "hell, no." It's definitely not the best RPG (JRPG or WRPG) of all time. However, of this generation, the only one I would put ahead of it is Valkyria Chronicles (hey, if you count action RPGs like DS, you have to count SRPGs like VC).

That being said, I'm playing Resonance of Fate right now, and for a more "traditional" RPG style, I would say I enjoy it more than DS, simply because DS got very repetitive after the first playthrough, and one playthrough is fairly short if not overcome by the difficulty (which I never found it as ridiculously hard as some people seem to). RoF battle system is amazing, and if it had a good story, it would be one of my favorites. However, for me, first and foremost, the main aspect of an RPG is story, which is why DS could never be the best RPG of all time, because it has almost no story at all, but still great as an action RPG. Wouldn't consider it the best action RPG ever either, though, as that would go to Secret of Mana and SD3 (Secret of Mana 2 if it had ever come out in NA), and Terranigma. Favorite RPG overall is Xenogears, large reason is the storyline.

Anyway, I'm sure with it's success, there will be a Demon's Souls 2, and I hope they are able to make it as good as the first, while still adding plenty of new things to keep it fresh. A few things I would like to see are a better story, a larger variety of viable weapons, get rid of the stupidly overpowered magic spells and offer a wider variety that are strong against certain types to create more strategy, better graphics (not majorly important, but the first game wasn't real pretty to look at, some of the most jaggies I've seen in a ps3 game...not an ugly game, and enjoyed the bleak atmosphere, but doesn't mean they can't make it look better in a sequel), less grinding (it wasn't as bad as some people make it out, but it almost felt required, and it wasn't hard after doing the same stuff 500x), and finally, make the trash mobs as fresh and original each level as the bosses are. That's just the stuff I hope they improve on, but of course I hope they keep the huge number of things that made the game so good.

miyakoS3105d ago

Demon's Souls is the undisputed king of the multiplayer action-RPG genre ^^

How many multiplayer action RPGs are there though? Doesn't seem like there are very many q.q

If only the game supported in-game voice chat. But the kinds of limited multiplayer communications in Demon's Souls are fun to explore also.

-Alpha3105d ago

But that's the problem with hype: It's easy to fall for it and then your expectations get ruined. UC2 was hyped as perfect and I had predicted 9.5-10 scores but the more I hyped it the more irritated I became of its small issues. For example:

-boss battles always resorted to running around in a circle and circle strafing

-Puzzles were ridiculously easy for my liking

-Online, right now, is ruined. They basically sold out fans for the COD group

-Stealth AI sucked, way too easy

Those are my biggest issues: they don't make the game horrible, but in comparison I knew nothing of Demon's Souls, expected nothing, and was blown away by its greatness. Again, it comes to gameplay and Demon's Souls had it better. I honestly cannot find fault with it.

DaTruth3104d ago

One would think you had never played Uncharted 2! There are practically no boss battles and of the maybe two boss battles, one of them can only be won by fighting!

Not sure what game you were playing. Uncharted doesn't even technically have a strafe mechanic!

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kaveti66163105d ago

I made the stupid mistake of ordering Demon's Souls from a private retailer on Amazon instead of through Amazon directly. All to save a few bucks. I ordered the game on Sunday, and now it's Friday and I still haven't received a tracking number or any confirmation that the prick is shipping it to me.

happy_gilmore3105d ago

diablo 2 was crying to it's mommy when DS kicked its a$$

knightdarkbox3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Definitely not!

Well I bought Lost Odyssey a few days ago, have been playing for 10 hours and I must say must be one of the best rpgs I've played for this generation and perhaps in a long time.

The musical score is awesome (Nobuo Uematsu is amazing), story is very good and engaging, combat is pure awesome (love turn-based RPGs) and graphics are very good.

Personally this out shines any of rpgs current games of ps3 so far.


Well, this won the GOTY along with Uncharted 2.

I hope Demons Souls 2.

Karsghul3105d ago

I hope for Demon's Souls 2...and 3.

MajestieBeast3105d ago

Demons souls 2 with optional move control would be insane.

DaTruth3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

That was my only hope for the Move controller! But I wanted dual-wielding Moves, with the analog sticks physically on the Move device!

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