Critical Gamer: PAX East Hands-On Wrap-up

Critical Gamer writes: PAX East was a big show. Long lines, packed booths (packed with COG soldiers no less!), and standing-room only panels were a regular occurrence. In my attempts to see as much as possible, some games and gadgets didn't quite get the same attention as the big previews you've been reading here at CG. Others didn't have much to offer thanks to a brief or limited demo. But in the interest of completion, enjoy this collection of brief previews:

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Pidgeridoo3134d ago

Crackdown 2 sounds great!

scruffy_bear3134d ago

It seems 3D gaming isn't that great, just yet

mjolliffe3134d ago

Not yet, but I expect that gamers will be flocking to the stores to buy the TV's one they've come down in price!

scruffy_bear3134d ago

That maybe a while away yet

Cubes3134d ago

3D gaming interests me, but not if I have to spend £3000 on a new TV! I've just recently bought an HD set, so have no intention of upgrading any time soon.

scruffy_bear3134d ago

Same here I just bought a HD TV and won't be upgrading for a while