Gran Turismo 5 will be 'totally different' to Prologue

CVG: Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has claimed that Gran Turismo 5 will be "totally different" to GT5: Prologue.

Fans have been waiting over a year since Prologue hit PS3 for a full release of GT5 - but Yamauchi has reassured them that the full game's "scale and diversity" is far superior.

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What Would Kratos Do3107d ago

And so it should be.
Prologue came out so long ago that the cars featured in it have already been traded in under the government £2000 scrappage scheme.

Strikepackage Bravo3107d ago

plus they didn't spend 6 years making prologue. Quite frankly they need to stfu over at Poly until they have a solid release date, they've been talking crap for almost a year now, I remember they said GT5 was done and could be released anytime LOL! Yeah right, until Forza 3 launched and they realized they needed to go back to the drawing board.

Gran Touring3107d ago

@ 1.2

What in Forza 3 would make them go back to the "drawing board" as you say?

Perkel3107d ago

@ Strikepackage Bravo

I don't think they even consider Forza as rival...

Fan Tastic3107d ago

Need to go back to the drawing board??? That's is pretty funny now that you mention it as the GT HD demo released years ago is far superior in graphics and gameplay to Forza III.

If you are happy with the shovel well Turn 10 pushes out, cool. There is is a ton of mediocrity and you are an easy person to please. GT fans are those who don't have such ridiculously low standards in gaming.

Strikepackage Bravo3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

are you guys really that naive? They had a release date set in Japan, they were claiming the game was pretty much finished except a few small details. Then Forza3 comes out, and people are able to compare GT5 gameplay to Forza3 gameplay at PAX or whatever that was, and suddenly GT5 is delayed for another half year, and you guys dont think that had anything to do with Forza?!?!?! The delay was right after the Forza launch!

GT5's AI and physics was crap compared to Forza's, the delay was to get it up top par with the competition, and frankly thats not a bad thing. And you people are the only people in the world who dont know this?!?!?! Where have you brainwashed kids been? Do you guys ever get off N4G?

Fan Tastic3107d ago

STD Bravo. I Know it is getting lonely when the numbers in the MS flock keep dwindling. Perhaps your Sheppard (Aaron Greenburg) will post something witty on his twitter account today to cheer you up :)

Strikepackage Bravo3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

OK I don't know what that means, but surely you must understand that I'm right. You do realize that in ALMOST all of Forza3's reviews the reviewer declared Forza3 the best racing sim/game ever made to date!?!?!

Poly is not as stupid as most of you, they ARE NOT ignoring their competition, in fact we know they are not because they were seen playing Forza at certain events, wake up kids and stop getting all your news form Sony marketing and N4G, listen to some podcasts and do some reading of a few non Sony bought and paid for sites.

@below, we've been through this, if we know the release in the rest of the world would follow the release in Japan, and the release in Japan was delayed, then that means the release in the rest of the world is also delayed by default, to say anything else is just spinning the truth, and you know that, so just stop it already.

Lionhead3107d ago

Polyphony NEVER had any other release date announced other than for Summer this year for Japan which was delayed.

So I have no clue what you are talking about.

Gran Touring3107d ago

@1.6 "GT5's AI and physics was crap compared to Forza's"

Which is why the GT series is world renowned by auto-manufacturers and Racing Drivers alike. Heck, even Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Blake Davidson were highly commendable of the Gran Turismo series when K.Y took a trip to the Texas Motor Speedway just a few weeks back. Gran Turismo hasn't even attempted Nascar before.

bjornbear3107d ago

i'm sure forza is a rival of course but...i HIGHLY doubt PD delayed due to it

i think they already had an insane date established when they started and its just stuck that way

to think PD isn't affected by Forza 3 is naive, but so is thinking PD delayed (even though there was no official release date) because of Forza 3 is equally naive

hay3107d ago

Not being GT fan I think Prologue was one of the best racing games I played.(I did like first GT and quite a bunch of arcade racers which aren't even close to the GT series in terms of quality, but nonetheless I liked them a lot)
I was sold straight away, but if it's much better than we realize, it's sheer awesomeness. Can't wait. It's in my top 5 this year.

Information Minister3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

@ 1.2 - If PD are the ones talking trash, then what do you make of Turn 10's behavior? Politically correct argumentation?/s

Biggest3107d ago

You're trying too hard, Strikepackage Bravo. When you want to say absurd things you have to add a question mark. You get to make your "point" while not making you seem like you really are.

MazzingerZ3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I guess you also think NATAL is the gadget to get during 2010 even though we have yet to see a single fact that explains why

More power to you!

Sometimes I forget that many are new into gaming and their first console is a X360.

EvilBlackCat3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

"What in Forza 3 would make them go back to the "drawing board" as you say?"

Once you put your hands on a Fanatec Wheel in front of an LCD screen with Forza 3 playing on it you will know why.

They went back to Drawing Boards to

To Work on Simulation / Tyre Deformation and simulation
To add Head Tracking feature
To work on engine sounds
To add 3D

Im guessing that maybe they bring customization to the game.
----------------------------- --------------

By the way before somebody go KROGAN RAGE on Head Tracking

Turn 10 can do the same thing with NATAL or Xbox 360 Cam.

----------------------------- --------------

YOU GT hardcore fans are just posers acting like Hardcore Sim Racers.

HERE take a tour >>



Perkel3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

@ Strikepackage Bravo

yeeeess right forza contributed so much for sim console racers that KY said" Oh i must start from scrath"

And you have seen full game eh ?

Also what is few months for 6 year dewelopment ?

GT4 was delayed almost a year as far as i remember.. oh probably it was because forza was better.. ohh wait there was no forza at all then...

you mistake progres with coping ideas...

PD are industry leader in racing gangre and they don't have to look at anybody hands because they are making sweet new things called innovations.. like GTTV for eg.

Microsoft Xbox 3603107d ago

Forza 3 is just an anime painter for prepubescent teenagers. Don"t even compare that rubbish you call definitive racer in a GT5 thread.

Alvadr3107d ago

Very nice, all these promises..

Now give us an effin release date already!!!!

JustTheFactsMr3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

" Yeah right, until Forza 3 launched and they realized they needed to go back to the drawing board."

GT4 on the PS2 from 2005. 1920 x 1080i. PS2.

Higher resolution than Forza 3 on 360. Gotta love how MS pushes those boundaries 5 years later with "next" gen hardware. LOL.

5 years later and still beat by a PS2 game for content, driving realism and resolution. LMAO.

Too funny.

Forza 3 on 360.

Yeah I'm sure PD has been quaking in their boots. LOL.

Dee_913107d ago

Its easy to just come up with stuff with no actual proof huh ?

Anywho when he say "Prologue is just Prologue" he is saying that because alot of people felt that Prologue is going to be just like gt5
he is just clearing it up thats all

Fan Tastic3107d ago

ALRIGHT, I have changed my stance.

FORZA 3 is king. Heck they have better physics and they have:

HOVERCRAFT's by Dodge! We will know if Polyphony puts in HOVERCRAFTS if they truly are copying Turn10


darthv723107d ago

just wondering if anyone ever felt that way.


It's about Gran Turismo, the definition of a Simulator in Consoles.

Forza is kinda Irrelevant here.

thebudgetgamer3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

like too human?

i think it dpends on the game and developers.

polyphony digital has never let me down before i dont see them doing it now.

i still have interest in alan wake and splinter cell those games have been in development just as long.

ive always respected remedy and the splinter cell games have always been good.

cmrbe3107d ago

GT5 release date was moved back due to scheduling reshuffle more than anything.

Sony knew they were going to have shortages this first half of the year because the PS3 preformed better than expected durning the holidays.


1. They will reach their 13 million set goal for their current fiscal year.

2. FF13 and GOW3 is enough for this first half.

GT5 going back to the drawing board because of Froza 3??. LMAO!!!. Do you guys even know what going back to the drawing board means?. Lol!

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sinncross3107d ago

I hope they include AI bots in the 2 player splitscreen multiplayer mode. I enjoy racing against my bothers but with only 2 cars on the track it can feel lifeless at times.

zeeshan3107d ago

^ Ahh yes, you are so right! Would be cool to have many cars on the track along with the Player 2. Remember Daytona USA? :D oh man, that was amazing fun!

zootang3107d ago

Yeah then i can use my G25. I went out and bought forza 3 and i didn't even know the Logitech G25 wasn't supported??? The wheel of wheels???

C L O U D3107d ago

I like the whole "90 percent complete"
Reminds me of a game being installed on a computer that takes very long.

Nevertheless I can't wait to see how different it looks to Prologue, as I've played Prologue on a 1080p 200hz motionflow Bravia and it looked magnificent.

Gue13107d ago

that's like playing a 720p game on a 1080p set. All PS3 games are 60hz.

C L O U D3107d ago

FPS greatly improves when using the "Motion Flow" the replays in Prologue looks like the intro movie, very smooth.

I tried this on Uncharted 2 and it feels like playing the game at 60fps.

ReBurn3107d ago

I would think a 60hz signal on a 200hz would experience some level of studder since the math is wrong. 240hz would make more sense to me. Not saying you're wrong, I just find it ironic that it would be smooth without some really awesome filtering.

hesido3107d ago

Exactly what Cloud says. The motion flow tries to put intermediary frames to simulate higher frame rates, but may introduce artefacts on object edges where it cannot guess the incoming pixel from behind the object..

Only problem would be latency. Philip's solution increases latency so much that games are unplayable with their digital natural motion solution. My brother's Samsung has movie+, another name of the similar tech, and it's good enough for playing games (introduces small amount of latency) at least on that iteration of the tech.. How is this with Sony??

C L O U D3107d ago

Yeah there is an amount of latency for example,
When moving the camera angle in a game or even moving around, you can see the Motionflow in action trying to get the image as smooth as possible, although its not quick enough and there is a slight lag you can notice which the framerate doesn't feel natural in.

Its a nice experience overall because it gives you a slight taste of what a 30fps game would look and run like at 60fps, but it does feel illusional and your eyes are deceiving yourself.

I tried the games in "game mode" but I felt there weren't any difference just with the Motionflow turned off.

C L O U D3107d ago

3.3 -
I would think a 60hz signal on a 200hz would experience some level of studder since the math is wrong. 240hz would make more sense to me. Not saying you're wrong, I just find it ironic that it would be smooth without some really awesome filtering.

I admit there is a sort of studder that I have seen when using the technology I'm not really sure how many hertz it runs,but I know they advertise it as "200+ Motionflow" :/ probably a marketing tactic

Biggest3107d ago

It seems like you guys are confusing refresh rate and frames per second. As long as your refresh rate is equal to the frames per second, you're good. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the frames per second look. For instance: I use a 240hz LED/LCD screen for console gaming. Every game or movie has a smoother, more life-like feel to it. From Little Big Planet to Little Shop of Horrors on NetFlix. A lot of Quake players were big into the refresh/FPS thing. It's all over their forums and very easy to Google.

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BeaArthur3107d ago

Not really excited yet because there are so many games between now and then but I will be amped up in the Fall.

Horny3107d ago

They keep talkin about all this crap the game will have and do but when will we get it. I have been waiting for two yrs and still nothing. If this is not released by November 2010 I'm not buying it.
They can keep hyping the game up all they want there's no point since we won't get to play it anytime soon.