Doctor Who Game Hits TV On Saturday

NowGamer: The BBC has announced that a sneak-peak of the Doctor Who game will follow the show on Saturday.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games was announced earlier this month, and will be made available for free on PC and Mac. It's being developed by Sumo Digital, and overseen be adventure game legend, Charles Cecil. The footage will follow Saturday's episode 'Victory of the Daleks' which starts at 18.30 on BBC1, Saturday 17 April...

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Noctis Aftermath3133d ago

If it used David Tennant i would be more interested, but my interest in doctor who has pretty much vanished since he left.

Redempteur3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

well the new doctor actually does a good job as a doctor and the new staff had so far some pretty good ideas if you take in account the two episode released so far ..

This dr who game have 2 main challenges ..

It must have the feeling of a dr who episode
IT must be fun be fun to play ..

and that's not an easy ride ...