E3: Square Enix's John Yamamoto Interview

Square Enix will have a smaller presence at the new, downsized E3 than in previous years, as the publisher made its most significant announcements at a special event held in May.
There will be plenty of games on show however, including the latest instalments in the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series, plus The War of the Lions, Front Mission and Heroes of Mana. sat down with John Yamamoto, president and CEO of the company's European and North American arms, to find more about his opinion of the new E3, the PlayStation 3 price cut and Square Enix's forward looking strategy.

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Lumbo4300d ago

I like the point about faster releases in US and Europe, it alway was a bother to wait ages for the games to release after japan.

tehcellownu4300d ago

sigh final fantasy and mgs ..they always ask the same question..and it dont get no where at all ..they need to stop it.even when they say its exclusive their always on their thing for sure mgs and final fantasy is build from the ground up on the ps3...and there not workin on no 360 version at all right now..