Mario Galaxy 2 gets two player mode

ONM: Super Mario Galaxy will feature a two player mode and we've got the screenshot to prove it!

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Jaybad543106d ago

So one person plays and the other picks up the starites with the second remote? Not really 2 player...

LionheartAce3106d ago

It shows a Luma on screen where the second player controls it. What you're talking about was already in the first Galaxy. This might be a more controllable character.

Jaybad543106d ago

I looked at the article and it looks like he is just collecting starites! Just because the luma is there doesnt mean its a playable character. How exactly would a fully controllable character work given that its labelled as only using the wiimote?

LionheartAce3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Well the line points directly at him. As far as more controllable, think Wii Sports Tennis. It probably moves on its own but it's up to you to dictate the actions it will take? In either case it doesn't seem to be the exact same thing that was in the first Galaxy. Or as someone below said, it could be a point and click sort of control.

ZeroTolerance3106d ago

The first game had this feature, how is this news??

KingHippo3106d ago

It looks like it might be a sort of point-and-click thing, where the second player points at where they want the Luma to go and presses a button to send it there.

Samus HD3106d ago

it isn't multiplayer like 2 players will control the same thing,,
it's like in first super mario galaxy - the second player is only
the star - (only the wii remote)

ChickeyCantor3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Is the luma actually on top of that goomba or is the goomba running after mario?

Looks like you will be pointing the position of where the luma should go.

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