Bungie say goodbye to Halo 2 with montages

Bungie has posted its favourite Halo 2 montages to say goodbye to its FPS game.

With Microsoft finally turning off the original Xbox Live servers, Bungie posted up its favourite Halo 2 montages as their own way of bidding farewell to the most popular multiplayer FPS on Xbox.

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Grandmaster3106d ago

You will be missed, not by me cause this and halo 3 are the same to me, but the halo lovers will miss you

Demons Souls3106d ago

After that the games just started getting stale and it doesn't look like that will be changing anytime soon.

Halo3 MLG Pro3106d ago

After playing Halo 2 for a few hours the other day, I can clearly see how big of a graphical and game play improvement Halo 3 is from Halo 2. Such a huge difference.

Oh yes, the montages. Halo 2 created the montage phenomena. If I remember correctly, it was Rippon that started it all.

ReconHope3106d ago

Fond memories of Halo 2 marathons (when i should have been studying for my final) are coming back.

t-dizzle3106d ago

Would love some classic Halo 2 maps in there... namely Ascension... Always someone flying up on top of that tower with a sniper rifle.

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