Don't Let A Gamer Down Gears of War 3

Watching the recent trailer of Gears of War 3 made the tiny little fanboy inside of Benjamin Quintero giggle with warm and fuzzy feelings of utter desperation. Though this type of trailer had been done for the original Gears of War, the actual story didn't even come close. Epic's attempts to invoke any kind of emotional story was laughable in the actual game, despite their trailers that seemed to push the question, "can games make you cry". After all, who really cared about the "feelings" of a man with 24" biceps, holding the world's most powerful shotgun

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KillerBBs3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Yes! Gears 2 made me cried when I realized I was bamboozled... twice!

Day one: Three hours of online play = 2 laggy games that the host dominated in. Yep, In the course of three I only managed to play 2 games, thanks to Cliffy's match making debacle.

1. Test the game before releasing it this time.
2. Balance the Weapons.
3. Fix the game lobby... Gears 1&2 boasted the worst lobbies ever. a combination of 1 and 2 with the abilities to select what game type you want to play, with out voting on it. Save the vote for the maps. I know what game type I like... why vote on it.
4. Integrate your over priced maps.
5. Fix the glitches. all 500 of them.
6. Why do you get kick out of the lobby after every game. I could play the entire map cycle in Gears 1 but with 2, I was lucky to play 5 matches in one night. COD doesn't kick you out at the end of a match. What are you guys thinking? "Hey, lets wait 20 minutes between matches".
7. HOST!!!! WTF. Say no more.
8. Leveling down for leaving a game. There is a reason people leave...
a. the rest of your party didn't make it into the lobby and was dropped... do to some one using a lag switch to obtain host.
b. The host is in Mexico and the lag is horrible.
c. This game sucks, why punish them any more, playing this game is enough.
d. You got something better to do... like maybe your toast is burning or your kid just ate some lose change off the floor and is choking.
e. Or just tired of listening to some 13 year kid crying and moaning "Hey man, let me get that boom shot.