MGS4 trailer prepared for Leipzig

The Metal Gear Solid series has long been a console seller and the latest installment is expected to be no different. The company behind the games, the tight-lipped Konami, has promised a trailer at the Games Convention in Leipzi, Germany.

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Killswitch5406d ago

Breath of Fire 2 91%
Square never considered either BoF2 or it's prequel any suitable games to release on the Europen market. Instead Capcom released them both in Europe.
Bubsy the Bobcat 67%
Bubsy the Bobcat was a much hyped game released in 1993. But is it as good they said?
Cybernator 88%
An interresting shoot 'em up from the masterminds at Konami!
Contra III; 1, 2 90%
Aliens have invaded Earth and you are our only hope! Maybe the best action game ever!
Chrono Trigger 94%
How good is really Square's "Dream Project"?
Donkey Kong Country 95%
Donkey Kong gets his own game and what a game then... Mario should be jelous!
Dragon Quest 1,2 94%
A remake of Dragon Quest 1 and 2, this time for the SNES...
Dragon Quest 3 99%
Another Dragon Quest remake that you shouldn't miss.
Dragon Quest 5 95%
Possibly the best of all the Dragon Quest games?
Earthbound 85%
A funny cartoon like RPG. Can it be any good? well find out!
Earthworm Jim 92%
A really wacky action game from Shiny entertainment!
Face Ball 2000 85%
A "kind man's Doom" featuring smileys in complex mazes..
Final Fantasy III 94%
The best SNES RPG of them all. A game that really touches you!
Gradius III 91%
A splendid shoot 'em up in classic Gradius fashion!
Harvest Moon 89%
Fancy trying the life of a farmer without worrying about getting dirt under your nails?
Illusion of Time (Illusion of Gaia) 93%
Action RPG from Japan.
Kirby's Dream Course 79%
Hit Kirby with various golfclubs in this wacky golf game.
Kirby's Dream Land 3 89%
Kirby is back, and this time he's got 7 of his friends to assist him.
Kirby Super Star 82%
A collection of no less than eight Kirby games!
Killer Instinct 94%
Rare's stunning 3d rendered beat 'em up.
Mario Paint 69%
A painting program for the SNES.
Mario and Wario 72%
Weird puzzler starring both Mario and Wario!
Mega Man 7 84%
Like the NES classics but with more colorful graphics..
Mega Man X 87%
A classic Mega Man game with some new welcome features.
Mr Nutz 90%
An misunderstood platform game that is much better then you might think.
Parodius 93%
A parody on Gradius, with gigantic catships and spacepenguins.
Plok 90%
Nothing revolutionizing but a jolly good platformer.
Pop 'n' TwinBee : Rainbow Bell Adventures 90%
A Japanese platformer, where you control one of three cute mechs, known as "Bees", around various courses...
Rock 'n' Roll Racing 89%
Loads of Weapons, brutal cars and loud Rock Music!
RPG Tsukuuru 2 87%
A SNES game that let you design your own personal RPG! It's in Japanense, though.
Secret of Evermore 80%
How good is this "western style" RPG really?
Secret of Mana 93%
Better than Zelda 3?
Sim City 95%
The classical Sim game, reckoned by many to be the best of them all...
Special Tee Shot 81%
This game was redesigned and later released as Kirby's Dream Course...
Star Fox (Star Wing) 91%
The Star Fox team fights against the evil Andross in this great 3D shoot em up!
Super Bomberman 2 86%
One freakin' good multiplayer game but nothing for "single players".
Super Bomberman 3 94%
Hudson Soft adds new features to their Bomberman concept.
Super Castlevania IV 89%
The Belmont family must once again fight Dracula!
Super Mario Allstars 95%
The 4 best platform games ever created for the NES with improved graphics!!!
Super Mario Kart 97%
The only SNES racing game you and your buddies will ever need!
Super Mario RPG 95%
Super Mario RPG, Nintendo and SquareSofts last co-production before Square left for Sony and their Playstation is a really good game...
Super Mario World 93%
The best Mario game ever?
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 92%
Shigeru Miyamoto has done it again!
Super Metroid 92%
Samus Aran is back in her best game ever!
Super Punch Out 90%
It has gone quite a time since the original. Was it worth the wait?
Tecmo Super Bowl 3: The Final Edition 84%
Yet another American football game...?
Tetris Attack 86%
A great puzzler including many of your favourite Mario -friends and -enemies.
Unirally 87%
A different racing game featuring unicycles performing stunts!
Yoshi's Cookie 76%
An OK puzzel game...
Yoshi's Safari 71%
Yoshi and Mario shoots some Goombas with their new Super Scope!
Zelda III - A Link to the Past 98%
The best SNES game ever?
Zombies ate my neighbours 88%
Save your neighbours in this monster-movie inspired shoot em up.
Worms 91%
A game that takes the "frying ants with a magnifying

Killswitch5406d ago

I'm glad Nintendo is back!!!!

Balance5406d ago

think this trailer might have some actual game play or just more cut scenes.

Marriot VP5406d ago

yeah, more cutscene crap. NOT what you'll see in the game....dullsville if you ask me. Same with Assassins creed.

specialguest5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

yeah i know everyone's thinking, where's the actual gameplay?!? who knows, there might be actual gameplay included. we'll have to wait and see. i'll still enjoy whatever new trailer they'll have up though.

as for #1's comment. you sound like you want someone to start debating with you over the Wii vs... kinda like " hey guys! what about me? im a next-gen console too! debate me! " hahah anyway, i like Nintendo too, but it seems like Sony inherited a lot of Nintendo's thrid-party developers and classic game series such as MSG.

Marriot VP5406d ago

lol, nintendo's in third place again. No one takes them very serious.

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