Splinter Cell Conviction – the first 20 minutes in video

VG247: Splinter Cell Conviction finally releases in the UK today, having been in the works at Ubi Montreal for four years. Should you buy it? Watch the movie below to find out.

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cry from the sky3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

i think people who like action games will like this, it has its ups and downs though.

NewZealander3105d ago

if its a speed run it might actually show the ending, you have been warned! ;P

Inside_out3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Guy's playing on normal and having a hard time...Would of died ten times on realistic....LMAO...complete amateur, spent the whole time red...It's called stealth/action...probably thought he was playing UC2...Don't understand why guys who never played the game think they know anything about it..LOL...Games amazing, with great blend of game play and least 8 hrs on realistic ( finished today ) not including 45 achievements, 30+ P.E.C challenges, u-play unlocks a new game mode AND all the co-op and multi-player modes...Is it game is, but you will want to play it over and over....Play the games, KNOW the truth....

BTW...Eurogamer review claimed the RTE's were button mashers...haha...yeah, hit the B button ONCE is not button mashing...Simon Pansy never played the game...dumb fan boys...

Ironfungus3105d ago

...Awesome. Watching right now! Thanks! :D

Stuart57563105d ago

The first 20 minutes, what about the other half of the game?

Sileo3105d ago

Very funny. I was thinking that too.

It's a shame that games have such a short life-span now.

nix3105d ago

i was trying to learn about ICO and found out that in those days 10 hours was considered 'short'.

"Although short (about 10 hours of play, not including mistakes) it seemed just right and there’s probably nothing more that could have been added that would make it any better."

- Electric Playground [10/10]

Corrwin3105d ago

So nearly 1/8th of the game??

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