Alan Wake Japanese Screenshots

New screenshots from the Japanese version of Alan Wake.

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Meryl3111d ago

blur-o-vision looks good to bots with glasses on

eagle213111d ago

A requirement when you buy a flopbox is that you MUST NOT have 20/20

Gamerbee3110d ago

No wonder you were banned from the Gamer Zone with those fanboy commments. Greys of War? Really? Its not on PS3 but its a f*cking good game. I played it. Coz Im a real gamer, not a fanboy. Gamers play good games. Now stop clicking on games you have no interest in & GTFO.

Tachyon_Nova3111d ago

They do look pretty good, but what's going on with the water? It looks terrible. Also, there are too many camera effects going on for seemingly no reason.

Biggest3111d ago

How are these not the same exact screen shots shown for months now? They added Japanese text?

Gamerbee3110d ago

Alan Wake & Gears of War are the only Xbox exclusives that I really wish were on PS3. Its ok though. I can play them at my friends house. Alan Wake looks very promising. :)

avengers19783110d ago

I'm not saying anything about the game, but why even come out in Japan, 360 sales are basically gone in Japan, and there software never does well.

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cyborg3111d ago

almost all of these screenshots are old and have been posted before. But still can't wait to get my hands on this game.

hulk_bash19873111d ago

The lighting in this game is exceptional. Can't wait to get my hands on this masterpiece from Remedy.

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