Videogamer: SBK X Superbike World Championship Preview

Videogamer writes: "How do you separate the men from the boys when everyone is leathered up and ready to get some nasty burns on their knees? Or, more accurately, how do you attract different types of gamers to a superbike simulator?

Well you could put Biffy Clyro on the soundtrack, stick a load of utterly famous superbike champions in it and add a boost button, and that should sort out the boys. For the men incredibly accurate riding physics, perfectly recorded engine noises, a shifting body weight system and a 'create a rider' option that allows you to even customise the livery on their helmets should suffice. Add on the ability to customise your bike and now you've got a superbike sim that will appeal to those that like racing games and also to those that REALLY like racing games, possibly a bit too much."

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