PSX Extreme: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Review

PSX Extreme writes: "To the informed gamer, it's no surprise that I'm sitting here playing my copy of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City...on my PlayStation 3. The alleged Xbox 360 exclusives were never believed to have been true exclusives, and numerous slips from both Sony and Rockstar reps have confirmed as much for years now. Unfortunately for Microsoft, who invested tons of cash on securing a timed exclusivity deal for the two expansion packs, these GTA side-stories didn't sell as well as they had expected it to. My personal belief is because the expansions debuted far past the hysteria of Grand Theft Auto IV, they didn't sell as much as they could've. So now it's time for the PlayStation 3 versions to pick-up the slack and Rockstar's hoping the Sony crowd eats this up. But should they?"

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