Factor 5 Developing For Wii?

According to the latest IGN roundtable Matt Cassamassina has received from multiple sources confirmation of Factor 5 working on a new Wii title.

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Omegasyde4303d ago

Wait a second this is coming from the guy who said "that Halo was coming out on the Nintendo DS."

nice_cuppa4303d ago

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooh !

Omegasyde4303d ago

read the article to find out why.

Clinton5144303d ago

Needs more concrete evidence ;)

cooke154303d ago

Thats why its a rumor :) But now I wont be suprised if something gets announced tomorrow

Clinton5144303d ago

I'm pretty sure they've maintained a good relationship with Nintendo.

unsunghero284303d ago

I don't ask for much...

Just please God, oh please, let it be the Wii lightsaber game we've all been waiting for...

cooke154303d ago

Oh crap I totaly forgot about that... Factor 5 should be the ones making it!

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