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blitz06233108d ago

Now everyone can enjoy this awesome game.

JL3108d ago

Agreed. Glad EU finally gets this awesome game and finally gets to enjoy what the rest of the world has (granted they could import before). Enjoy though our EU brethren. Great game not to be missed by any of the genre.

WildArmed3108d ago

GOTY of 2010 >.<
lol sorry i"m a big DS fan.

DS has been getting GoTY for 3 years in a row from me LOL
*stupid sony localizations*

Narutone663108d ago

box art and packaging. Much better than the one in Asia.

nix3108d ago

may you all die million times!!! q:

SaiyanFury3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I imported the Asian version of the game so I could play it right away. The game has garnered positive reviews from just about every corner of the web, so I don't understand why Sony didn't act themselves in releasing it in the other territories. People all around the world who've played it love it. I love Sony's properties, but I think it was a dumb move to not release it themselves. The game sold 3 times what Atlus expected in North America alone. That's good news in terms of sales. Maybe if something else like Demon's Souls comes out of FROM Software, Sony'll see fit to publish it faster, and not penalise the North American and European realms.

DaTruth3108d ago

Say bye to the Sun Europe. You won't be seeing it for awhile.

Dark_Vendetta3108d ago

Does anyone know if it'll be released in Germany too? I'd like to have the strategy guide in my native language. If not I'll still import it, can't beleive I missed this one

raztad3108d ago

About time the game is coming to PAL territories. I'm pretty much amazed of the lack of faith of SCE on their own games, or is this a SCEE, SCEA against SCEJ? Nobody wasnt expecting the game to sell good in NA, so Sony handed ATLUS the publishing rights but after the huge success, why SCEE dont want to publish the game in EU? WTH?

Commander TK3107d ago

as much as I hate u f***ing c*nts, thank you.

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ndibu3108d ago

Timed exclusivity is not impressive when ms does it, its even less impressive when sony does it to its own platform. Lol i kid, i kid, please don't take my bubbles

Sevir043108d ago

it's strange to me that a sony developed game had 3 different publishers for each of it's regions. this game with proper marketing would have sold so much more. i'm surprised Demon's souls have sold soo much on word of mouth alone. there are no ads what so ever for this game in the states. glad EU/UK/pal gets this gem, it's truely an epic game.

WildArmed3108d ago

alot of my EU pals are DIEING to get their hands on DS. THey'll be very happy w/ this news

kraze073108d ago

They won't be too happy when they repeatedly get their ass3s handed to them when they actually play the game lol. I kid.

Aphe3108d ago

Yeah they should have, I remember an article on here before where they said something similar I think, that they regretted not pushing it as much as it deserved.

TheColbertinator3108d ago

A little late but as long as the EU crowd gets to play Demons Souls,its good.

CherryLu-Chan3108d ago

.. And that European ltd edition pack is beautiful.
I got the American release, but will be supporting this and buying it again when it hits Blighty in June.
Exceptional game.

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