OXCGN's Final Fantasy XIII Review: A Fantasy Worth Having?


"Final Fantasy XIII is a loooooooooong game that is best experienced in large chunks of play. Before you purchase it-and you will not be able to complete it during a rental period-be sure to speak with your loved ones and pre-explain your social disengagement for a couple of weeks. "

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gaminoz3134d ago

Everyone I know got this on PS3...even Xbox 360 owners! I'm not into JRPGs but I've heard it has a slow start...

-MD-3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I got it on 360 for the achievements. 35 hours in and loving it. People saying it's slow either haven't played it or aren't fans of Final Fantasy as the game never "picks up" you get to explore an open world at about the 25 hour mark but quickly get placed back on a linear path an hour or two later.

35 hours later nothing has changed so don't expect it to. The game was layed out to tell a story. I tend to play it in 2-3 hour sessions.

I only buy a handful of games every year and I'm glad this was one of my picks.

WildArmed3134d ago

AFter all the hate FF13 got, I'm glad some people are enjoying this.
I'm holding out for my friend to finish with his copy, then I will be platting this baby!

360 or PS3, it looks like a must have experience.

I personally give in to all the hate of FF13, but reading comments like above.. makes me forget all about it. I just wanna play another FInal Fantasy. I've never hated any of em (other than FF12).. so I'm going to give it a try. My friend just needs to come over and visit chicago sooner. why the hell did she have to goto college in cali -.-

BAH! >.> well the semesters nearly over nayways!

XboxOZ3603134d ago

Well I'll get to see what the fuss is about California and LA is all about soon, as 3 of us are paying our own way to go to E3 this year to report live for OXCGN.

We have almost 100k ppl logged on last year for the official MS Keynote, and this year it goes over 2 days, so I'll be spending about 2-3 wkks there to look around, and hopefully bump into some gamers while I'm there, and will be dropping into some dev studios . .

I can see the ppl that love this franchise wanting it to be the best it can be, and I can also see the different generations that never grew up with it being frustrated with it as well.

So in the end, it comes down to a persons experience of a game, and one should never base ones thoughts and choices based on someone elses 'experiences.

You need to make them for yourself. . . .

WildArmed3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Ah man have fun!
I used to live in cali, it doesn't live up to the hype,like many games ;)

And congratz on your achievement.

Oh, it's not realistically possible to establish an opinion of every game that comes out, atleast not financially realistic to me. I mean I'd LOVE to go out and buy all the games and try to find time to play them. But I cant, so i rely on professional reviews (which are hardly professionl anymore)..
but there are still sites around i trust.
Including the reviews from this site lol
No matter how different and bad the game may be, i can HARDLY believe an objective review of the games gives it a 5/10.

cobraagent3133d ago

I never thought that i would agree with you but this time you deserve it. By the way platting it will require around 120 hours(took me 140 hours in the japanese version-couldn't wait 3 months- because i didn't understand a damn word)

NegativeCreepWA3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I'm about 30 hours into it and i'm really enjoying it. The graphics are amazing.

A lot of the hate just seems to come from fanboys that are butthurt about the 360 release.

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XboxOZ3603134d ago

SLOW is the understatement mate, one of the reviewers for a major print media house here in Aust said he was into double figure before the game began to take off, and only for the fact he 'had' to do the review, he would have dropped it long ago, he did it on both the PS3 and the 360 ..

WildArmed3134d ago

well you can't have all the games end in 4 hours *cough* MW2 *cough*

I heard the 'extended tutorial' went for about 20 hours. As long as I enjoy it (and most RPGs I do enjoy it alot) I dont mind.

The thing about reviewing games is, something the game ends up in the wrong reviewer's hands. People have preferences, and those do effect the way he looks at games.. (ie he may not like long jrpgs)

Godem3134d ago

its not slow, in fact it starts out incredibly fast paced... Its just that you don't know what the hell is going on..

I like the game, but I find its just one endless dungeon crawl.

Figboy3133d ago

how the story is paced.

so many JRPGs you can accurately pinpoint the "whos, whats, wheres, hows, and whys," but FFXIII is very much like a mystery, in that you are dropped en medias res, and have no frigging idea what is going on, who the characters are, or what their motivations are.

the use of flashbacks, and character revelations are extremely well done.

i love that me and my wife just couldn't piece everything together from minute one.

i'm at the 30 hour mark, and some really cool revelations have given the story a new light, and i'm enjoying it even more now.

the game has some genuinely well done twists, just not jarringly forced on you, or for the sake of being a twist.

FFXIII is telling a story. a fresh, unique story, in a surprisingly original and unique world.

Square has done a lot of BS this generation, but they've ALWAYS respected the Final Fantasy series and it's fans. to think that FFXIII is somehow a "slap in the face" to Final Fantasy fans is simply ridiculous.

considering that Final Fantasy has been using the same formula for 9 games (X, XI, XII, and XIII deviate a LOT from the traditional FF mold), it's great to see them push it in a different direction in the past 4 outtings.

at least they are willing to take chances with the FF worlds, battle systems, and narratives with these new games.

the past 4 Final Fantasies could have been named totally different names, and they'd probably have received more praise than they got. but fanboys seem to feel as if they have some ownership of their favorite franchises, and if you DARE change one hair on that franchises head, there will be a "reckoning" (which generally amounts to nothing but a bunch of whining on the internet...).

as a long time Final Fantasy fan, i LOVE the changes with each game. the refining of game play elements and battles systems. i already wrote a gigantic post on why i think FFXIII is great in a previous article, so i won't repeat myself here, but i don't think the game deserves the hate it's getting.

Belgavion3134d ago

A reviewer on a podcast described the battle system as 'sublime'. I really can't think of a better word. It's one of the best RPG battle systems I've ever come across.

BeaArthur3133d ago

Agreed, I love the way it keeps you on your toes at all time.

RedPawn3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I personally love the game, it deserves the FF name every bit of the way.

Did I have my gripes yeah, but hell of course every single one I had my gripes about.

Is the best one i've played, nope, but I saw where the creators wanted to go w/it finished or not.

The battle system is fun and does jump you in with the heightened mood of the music, and switching paradigms.

The item shop is really clever put into the little orbs. I would of at least liked to go out of my way to explore some cities of Cocoon, wether it be for exploration or just a plot junction point.

I really give the game an 8.5 in my opinion. I hope SE really tries to put some of that great lore back into the game the we are so used to enjoying.

If you liked it cool, if not cool, maybe it wasn't your cup of tea.

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