Something's Missing from the Japanese Version of Peace Walker

Andriasang: Hideo Kojima had to cut a "certain scene" from the game, and he doesn't like it!

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iamtehpwn3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Makes me really wonder what the scene is like. It must be really brutal o_O

erathaol3105d ago

Probably a Torture scene as MGS's usually have them.

He Tweeted an image of the MGS Standees and the one where Snake is pointing at you like Uncle Same is awesome.

kraze073106d ago

It sucks when any content is cut from a games just to lower the rating. On another note the box art for this game is epic.

CobraKai3106d ago

I totally agree. I hate it when they do it for movies too. And this is definitely the best box art ever to grace a Metal Gear game. I hope they don't change it for the US release.

John_Dylan3106d ago

lol i hope its something sexy =P

George Sears3106d ago

Most likely a torture scene since that's usually the case for most MGS games. That or maybe someone got a limb cut off a la Ocelot.

El_Colombiano3106d ago

Why would any of that be censored when it was released before? If anything we KNOW it wasn't anything you listed.

El_Colombiano3106d ago

Lets look at the facts about the two cultures:

Japan is perfectly fine with all the sexual stuff that America isn't. Meanwhile America sees extreme violence as the norm. This means the scene removed was most definitely and without a doubt a violent scene.

Elementary my dear Watson.

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