For Microsoft, E3's Where The Action's Located

Microsoft appears pleased with the NPD results for the month of March 2010. In its response the software giant said tha it has maintained its hardware and software sales momentum, as it gets ready some "[of] the biggest entertainment experiences of the year" at E3 in June.

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SpaceSquirrel3107d ago

I hope Rare shows something at E3

movements3107d ago

Yeah, like a new Donkey Kong, or even Killer Instinct.

-MD-3107d ago

Oh they will, they didn't release a single thing last year and they have said previously that 4 unannounced projects have been in the works.

I'm expecting a bunch of stuff from Rare at E3.

WildArmed3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Killer Instinct would kill E3 =p

But, i dunno how much KI is still relevant. It's been a long time and people may have moved on.

But like each year, Sony and MS have strong E3s.
(sorry Nintendo, but you still having a long way to go)

aaronisbla3107d ago

KI3 has long lost its relevance, but im sure some old school fans of it might be happy

-MD-3107d ago

Killer Instinct 3 could be the most brutal fighter of all time if done right.

LastDance3107d ago

In order for killer instinct to be good, Rare we need to not suck. But they do.

-MD-3107d ago

Name one game that Rare has made this gen that got bad reviews.

WildArmed3107d ago

To be fair, we've seen much worse games this gen..
Haze, Too human, Larry something someting just to name 3.

Atleast these guys pull out AA games, if not AAA by the fan's opinions.

(to be clear, i havn't bought a rare game since Killer Instinct ended. So i'm definitely not a Rare fan, but i do think Rare is a good group.)

-MD-3107d ago

I bought everything they released this gen other than Viva 2 (rented it) and have yet to be disappointed.

All their games have scored 80+ on metacritic.

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Dance3107d ago

Donkey Kong belongs to Nintendo not Rare

Eclipso3107d ago

I would love to see KI and KI2 come to XBL. If the sales met their expectations and with the "revival" of fighting games due in large to the sucess of Street Fighter IV and the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV we might just see KI3 finially become a reality and not just being teased over and over again.

Xi3107d ago

-1 new action adventure game/rpg, alongside fable, a new IP perferably, but conkers or something along the lines of a prince of persia, or legend of zelda would work.
-1 rts game/god game, possibly featuring natal support (console black and white, halo wars 2 etc).
-1 mech sim game with natal support, either a mechwarrior announcement (game is in development), new mechassault, or a steel battalion.
-PGR, or a new arcade racer (again possibly featuring natal support).
-xbox fighter, either killer instict, tao feng (if you do a tao feng, license it out to a third party like capcom to make it).

I feel that these are the games/genres that the xbox library is missing most as of right now, please no new third or first person shooters, we have enough if you include crackdown 2, splintercell and alan wake.

PandemicPrawn03107d ago

Yes yes yes.

You have hit the nail right on the head my man!

Those are EXACTLY the genres needed to fill out the 360 game libary.

I would love to see Perfect Dark become a 3rd person action adventure/stealth game, I know the PD purists out there would cry over it but I just think the IP is too good to be gathering dust, and the 360 has plenty of FPS's.

Black and White 3 is the perfect game for Natal. This should be a slam dunk for Microsoft/Lionhead.

Mechassult would be a great addition to the 360 I would like to see some squad based/tactical gameplay using Natal.

An arcade racer would be good. Joyride is being currently developed but I'm not sure if it's truly a "racer". I would like to see a Mario cart clone for the Xbox. Natal optional.

Killer Instinct 3 must be made. Do it Rare! DO IT!!!

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