Aaron Greenberg responds to March NPD results

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has posted a short response to the NPD results of March 2010.

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Sunny_D3111d ago

Now, THIS is how he should act! Too bad this will be a one time deal. :/

kaveti66163111d ago

Didn't Sony say they were the only ones growing year over year? Or did they say they were the only ones with double digit growth year over year?

It's a good generation overall. Neither Microsoft or Sony are down in the dumps the way that Microsoft was last gen. God of War 3 is looking to be the king of March. I'm gonna get it soon, but I need to play Demon's Souls.

Fat Bastard3111d ago

Haha he only commented on the hardware side of things, which makes sense in his position. PS3 had quite a strong month on the software side, that's for sure. At least he didn't dish out a load of PR bull****

HolyOrangeCows3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

A 30,000 lead in the US in March is all he has to cling to (360 was behind over 100,000 World Wide, however). The Ps3 even managed to win out with software sales in the US. That happens, like, never.

Varodor3111d ago

Aaron Greenberg need to be banned because of trolling

Cryos3111d ago

I'm VERY suprised, and happy to see some civility

3111d ago
gapecanpie3110d ago

Once again to the Sony fans, japan doesn't equal the world .... :/

tinybigman3110d ago

single console owners SUCK period. you people claim to love gaming yet chose to own only one console and hate on the others. so damn hypocritical of the lot of you.

also let me just say that being an american and knowing the planet i live on; this country DOES NOT equal the world so getting all happy that one console is doing great in one region is Fing sad.

i hate M$ and the way they do business but that didnt stop me from buying the crappy built system (modded btw) why because it has great games, just like the PS3, and the Wii. i'm glad that i own all 3 systems as i LOVE GAMING.

ok end of rant lol.

as for the numbers for last month great numbers overall even for the PS3 that had a shortage. software looking great and even though im not a pokeman fan those games just sell boatloads of units.

to those rocking 2 or all 3 systems much love, to those who are not please get a clue. none of these 3 companies will be going anywhere so might as well get use to the idea.

Danteh3110d ago


the most important thing is that you changed your Justin Bieber avatar, period

maasman3110d ago

Ever thought that people can't afford more than 1 console? Even with a $200 console, with 10 games thats another $500-600. Multiply by 3 and thats almost a $3000 investment. I honestly don't know many people who can afford that, even if its over a 3-5 year period, and only 10 games each is a low number for most people.

vhero3110d ago

Yep be excited you sold 25k more than your rival console which is out of stock.. However how many more did Sony sell in Japan??

tinybigman3110d ago

I understand what ur saying, I'm a new home owner with a lot of bills but I still found to way to support all 3 systems. By modding my 360, hopefully to mod my wii. I only pay for ps3, wii games(until its modded)

Here's the kicker though I only buy the games that interest me not every release know to man. Thx to modding my 360 I wouldn't have games like bayonetta or darksiders. 2 games I would never have brought. Splinteer cell next up on my list.

Like I said if u love gaming you'll find a way to play the games u want.

PoSTedUP3110d ago

he says he loves gaming but hurts it in the worst way possible by stealing hard working developers games, gtfo of here bro you are a disgrace.

the only real gamers are honest gamers. sori to say but you are the $C(_)M of the gaming industry imo, harsh but true imo. you may love "games" but gaming and us that love gaming, wether it be ps3, 360 or the wii, we hate your guts. go hurt some other industry, one in which us gamers do not care and are not passionate about as we are this one.

im not aori for the rant, and i have to go now. bye.

Raoh3110d ago

not exactly..

i WAS a multi console owner.. being a multi console owner is something fanboys say to appear like they are not fanboys..

you dont have to like every console or game to be a gamer..

this gen i bought the 360 first, then the wii then the ps3..

as of right now i have only the ps3 and am building a gaming pc this weekend..

truth is outside of a few exclusives, i didnt like the 360.. I dont care for halo, and i can play splinter cell and mass effect on my pc.. so i dont see a need to pay for live gold.. i would be interested in natal for the movie watching experience but again i dont feel like paying to go online again

i'm not moved by the 360.. does that mean i'm less of a gamer?

Oner3110d ago

@ gapecanpie said "Once again to the Sony fans, japan doesn't equal the world"

This is 100% true ~ but that also means NA doesn't equal the world as well then right? The World = the WHOLE World...and what the whole world is showing..scratch that ~ PROVING to us, is that the PS3 is outselling the 360 for all of 2010. And by quite a fair margin so far I might add ~

Hardware data for the period 27th Dec 2009 to 10th Apr 2010:

Sony PS3 - 3,542,743
Xbox 360 - 2,628,196
Difference = 914,547

Nearly a MILLION in JUST about 4 months. If this keeps up the PS3 is going to close the gap of 360's "on paper lead".

Sheikh Yerbouti3110d ago

I wish everyone was like this everytime- still trying hard as nails to top each other but giving credit when credit is due. And there is a lot of good things to say about all platforms.

Like Pimp C said - "Ain't nobody trippin' cause da money's already made."

erathaol3110d ago

Greenberg is a big fan of MLB 09: The Show and MLB 10: The Show came out in March. I'm pretty sure he's a happy camper right now.


Arvis_Jaggamar3110d ago

Just because I don't have enough money to own every single console ever made doesn't make me a hypocrite. Sheesh, keep your sweeping, erronious judgments to yourself, please.


Aaroncls73110d ago

Twitter me this, twitter me that... modern gaming journalism smells like rancid [email protected]

3110d ago
tinybigman3110d ago

with my 360 modded it's actually i've ever had one of my consoles fixed and if my job was paying me big time money i would have never done it, but since that aint happening no time soon i made the decision to mod it, and i only had it modded since late last year.

so again i did what i had to, to play the games on want on 360 period.

PoSTedUP3109d ago

yeah ok but my post still stands.

@ avis- hipocrisy would be the man above me saying he loves gaming but hurts the industry and respected developers by pirating their games.

i just sold my 360 because i couldnt afford the extra games and miss out on my ps3 franchises, does that make me any less of a gamer? no. is what your doing tiny tim make you any less of a gamer? yeah it makes real gamers hate you, it makes game developers hate you (the ones who bring you the great games you love so much), it makes the whole entire industry hate you and that goes for every other industry that has no respect for piraters. ya know, so you should be the person that dosent talk about being a "real gamer", hence, you are not one.

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-Alpha3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Good to see him give props to Sony though. Peace at last?

mirroredderorrim3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Your clown is showing.

Disagree with Alpha-Male22;
No peace! Especially with money, market-share, mind-share involved.

Edit: unless you forgot to /s

-Alpha3111d ago

Nah, didn't forget, just thought it was obvious enough :)

Raoh3110d ago

because he twittered a half azz response?

shouldn't he follow up to his comments abotu ffxiii sales he made last month?

he usually writes a dissertation about the months sales

El_Colombiano3110d ago

"The fact that *everything* scales perfectly to 1080p"

LOLWUT? That's an oxymoron.

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Dylantalon13111d ago Show
GiantEnemyCrab3111d ago

Yup, MS still rockin the #1 HD console. Good for them.

I can't wait to see what they have stashed up their sleeves for E3. I expect this holiday to be the biggest one in Xbox history with Natal hitting and the huge marketing push I'm sure they are planning.

3111d ago
GiantEnemyCrab3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Sunnyd.. You again.. Doing your PS3 trolling routine in another 360 article.

So I'm wrong then? When did Sony close the gap and pull ahead of 360? Or are you going to try and change the goal posts and measure the PS3 on something else other than hardware sales? You know, hardware sales, the measure we've used every generation to rank them.

@4.2: Agreed, come on Slim!! I heard about your loss and I send my condolences!! I went through it as well not long ago with both the 360 and PS3. I think we are in the same boat waiting to see if there is a redesign.

@Alpha: You know the real battle this gen on N4G and many places has been between the PS3 and 360. The Wii is brought up when one side wants to remind the other who is truly #1. But come on, we know where the fight is at. Fair enough, but let's not pretend to be naive here.

-Alpha3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Well you said "HD Console" which made your comment sound a little off-track. You are technically right, but that was a very weird specification to add. It's like saying "PS3, #1 Blu Ray player on the market".

But yeah, this year is huge for MS. Halo Reach itself is guaranteed to bring the spotlight to the 360 console this year and they have a good lineup.

E3 for MS will be huge. They have had a whole year for Natal to be put into motion (no pun intended). Hopefully we some real games. I'm very skeptical of Natal + Hardcore, but also very enthusiastic to see how it all works. Natal is a much more fresher concept than MOVE and has the ability to really steal the show.

I have faith in both Sony and MS, and Natal will definitely be pushed hard by MS. It's a very unique device and the possibilities, especially for AI, are potentially huge. I believe that we are going about Natal all wrong. I don't really see MS using hardcore games without the controller. I can see having to use my 360 controller for natal, but say I want to throw a grenade, maybe I would make the motion? But that would contradict their "controllers are so yesterday" philosophy they are pushing. I honestly don't like the idea of using my whole body constantly to play Gears 3. I am interested in Natal for what unique things it can do, and MOVE for more traditional games.

Anyways, it's going to be a very competitive E3. Rest assured Sony has tricks too. Both consoles are doing great and I'm so proud to own both finally. It's like I have two divorced parents who hate each other but love me enough to fight for my attention :D

Edit: @GEC

I don't understand, what do you mean? I agree with you that 360 is #1 over PS3, in terms of sales, but I was just pointing out that specifying HD is going to make PS3 fanboys burst. Felt a little weird to add, unless you were trying to jab them. In which case, ok, PS3 fans on here deserve some cool down considering how much they boast PS3 sales so its only fair that you have the right to do that too.

swiftshot933111d ago

I dont see whats wrong with GEC's comment. Its a fact that that the Xbox 360 is the #1 HD console on the market right now, and MS themselves said that this holiday will in fact be the biggest in the Xbox brand's history.

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El_Colombiano3111d ago


576p is not high definition. Period. Case closed.

The reason why GTA IV was 630p on PS3 is because of the poor architecture it was built on then later ported to PS3.

3111d ago
feelintheflow3111d ago

Not that I agree that 576p is High def.... but some countries as Australia consider 576p to be hi-def. "With doubled temporal resolution, 576p50 is considered enhanced-definition television (EDTV). In some countries, such as Australia, the 576p resolution standard is technically considered High Definition and was in use by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS TV) and was previously used by the Seven Network, which has recently begun 1080i broadcasts." From Wikipidia, so take it for what that is worth.

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Redrum0593111d ago

Ok so they are selling lots of 360s but their best software sales are ff13 numbers wen ps3 is doing twice those ff13 sells. So are those ppl who are buying 360 not buying games, or is it that those ppl already had games for the 360. Think about it. 360 selling more systems should also sell more 360 games but ps3 is selling more games. That's because those 360 sells come from those replacing their broken hardware and don't need to rebuy their softare.

GiantEnemyCrab3111d ago

576p is not considered HD by most. But that doesn't matter because the 360 has 720p games and 1080p games and this has been the case since launch. Don't even pull out the HDMI argument because you can do HD with component cable. For every 720p/1080p game on the PS3 I will show you a sub-HD game.

Redrum: Are you really going to focus on just one month when talking software sales? The 360 has a slow month with no real major releases and the PS3 launches 2 of it's biggest. But are you going to ignore the attach rate and domination in software sales the 360 has enjoyed this generation? Are you really trying to tell me that 360 gamers don't buy games?? WOW!

FF is obviously a more known and popular franchise on PlayStation. Look at the Battlefield number, maybe instead of FF many chose to skip the shoddy port and buy a good game like that. What about the Wii? Huge hardware sales and average software numbers, they must be having their consoles fail and boosting Nintys hardware totals!

Call me a 360 fanboy all you want.. I will continue enjoying the PS3 but don't expect me to drink the kool-aid man. Excuses just sound like sore losers to me and it's not very becoming.

3111d ago
kasasensei3110d ago

2 mistakes guy :)
- 1080p not since the launch for the 360
- 360 can't do real true 1080p even on video

google it if you re not sure.

edhe3110d ago

360 was the first 1080p console on the market - thanks to a software update pre-ps3. Also I've watched plenty of 1080p films&trailers on the 360, thank you very much.

The fact that *everything* scales perfectly to 1080p regardless of it's native res is a nice trait that it also enjoys.

Anyway - stop trolling when NPDs are showing constant success for our preferred media & pass time.

It's like moaning when you're getting laid, going to be getting laid and will always be getting laid by 2-3 choice honeys every night for hours.

For Life.

Shut up.

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mrdxpr23111d ago

omg The Ds doesnt stop selling by now i would think everybody had a DS lol... even i have one wtf... but the funny thing is around here i see more psps then DS

SantistaUSA3111d ago

I dont have one, and I work retail lol, just received the new XL ones, its huge! I would buy one, but dont really have time to play on the go!

El_Colombiano3111d ago

I know so many people with multiple DSs.