IGN: Conduit 2 First Look

Conduit 2 is High Voltage Software putting a few tweaks here and there in a much tighter, deeper, and more impressive first-person shooter experience for Wii owners, and hopefully any qualms anyone had with the first game will find their complaints addressed in the final version of this sequel.

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EvilTwin3112d ago

I was really hoping they'd go out of their way to get some screen caps out there that aren't corridor shootouts. Oh well. Hopefully HVS gets it right this time.

SpoonyRedMage3111d ago

Haha, yer. "The sequel isn't just a corridor shooter but here's some pictures of shooting in corridors anyway."

Darkfiber3111d ago

Wow, this is getting a sequel?

tunaks13111d ago

sounds good,
hopefully HVS will learn from the first, it was an ambitious task for them.

SinnedNogara3111d ago

I don't really need to ask for more, but let me ask this:

-DLC. Well if Monster Hunter can do it, why not Conduit 2?
-Classic Controller & GameCube Controller support. To be even more obscure, why not add USB keyboard support to give us some PC FPS controls??

ChickeyCantor3110d ago

" give us some PC FPS controls"

Then why the hell even develope it for the Wii?
It would just break the basic concept behind it.

SinnedNogara3104d ago

It doesn't really defeat the point, but even though the Wii and PC controls are similar, they are still very different from each other. Just to add some variety. I'm pretty sure Conduit was put on the Wii for more reasons than "pointer controls" anyway.