HawtWired: Is Apple "i-Ing" Your Living Room?


"While it is difficult to even imagine a market that could support a 4th console, if there is any company that could make it happen, it's Apple."

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Redlogic3106d ago

apple will join the fray and they can pull it off. just about a well thought out of an article i've read in a long while. nice job

drdistracto7073106d ago

if they get some quality first party developers, and not just a bunch of indie's like ipod/iphone/ipad then im sold!

apple is my hero

Shendow3106d ago

I bet they will go after Microsoft, they haven't got along and I bet Apple is looking to take some of the users from XBL an add them to Apple Live.

Anyways, don't really care in less they bring some games that I might want to play and the games are only on their system. If not..well I don't care about them then.

Heck I don't own a overprice IPod, I just got me a Sony MP3 Player Walkman (Ever thing build right into the headset an its small to).