OXCGN's Splinter Cell Conviction Review: Sam Fisher Re-Bourne?


"What happened to Splinter Cell? The horror, the horror….

To begin with, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction seems to be named incorrectly. I believed that an older conspiracy game, The Bourne Conspiracy, offers a far better representation of what the game is...

Splinter Cell: conviction is by no means a bad game; it is a great game in its own right. It just isn't a Splinter Cell game, just like Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts isn't really a Banjo Kazooie game."

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BadCircuit3108d ago

Sounds like more action than stealth, but that's okay with me!

gta28003108d ago

Sounds more like an average game.

-MD-3108d ago

Sounds more like an amazing game, gonna play some co-op right now.

chitown3108d ago

Explain to me how an 8.5 is average? Or are you just a dumb as$?

-MD-3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Co-op is great. Sadly I had to play it with my younger brother who doesn't like anything other than Call of Duty. I can't help but laugh at the disagrees.

Cueil3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I know how you feel... I played with some idiot who thought he was playing MW2... look buttmunch the AI will flank you and snach you up as a human shield to then shoot me in my daddy bags

Raf1k13107d ago

It's a great game. You just have to pretend you're playing as Jason Bourne.

Inside_out3107d ago

What is this guy going on game sucked so I gave it a 8.5...LMAO...There is no way you will out run the enemy on realistic, emp or otherwise...that is misleading...try it!!! will die alot...The game is short, then he said he ran through the levels...OKAY...the story has many twists and turns and the ending was spoilers here...Many outstanding moments and little time to hide bodies or pick straight up, in ur face game play...most( not all )levels give you opportunities to play stealthily if you choose...but, ubi-soft wanted players to mix it up so it doesn't become stagnant...several ways to play every level...the variety is amazing...weapons, gadgets and level specific objects ( dropping a huge light on guys never gets old ) all with many upgrades make the game fun with a high replay value....Mark n execute ( up to 4 with certain weapons ), last known position are critical, necessary and fun game play elements against harder enemies later in the game...

My only complaint...the Iraq level, which was a complete departure for the game and not in a good way...terrible graphics and game play made worse by the terrific levels before and after...Music was AMAZING throughout this game....

You can rent it, but I'll tell you right now, you'll want to own it...Play the games, know the truth....

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gaminoz3108d ago

I think these days having a choice of ways to approach a task is the way to go to appeal to everyone: Metal Gear Solid 4 could be done a variety of ways for example.

I'd personally hate to go back to doing a million repeats because I mistimed my actions and got caught again like in the first Splinter Cell.

Superfragilistic3108d ago

I kinda of feel that this is just inevitable.

I really enjoyed Nuts & Bolts, and I'll enjoy Splinter Cell. This argument also reminds me of the XCOM debate, but just look at Fallout 3.

I admire what Ubisoft has been doing of late across a lot of genres (AC2, Ruse, Ghost, SC, Rabbids, Just Dance?!), but I'd be lying if I said I didn't still yearn for some oldschool hardcore goodness to sit side by side these forward thinking titles.

XboxOZ3603108d ago

Iagree, while I really loved the games-of-old with SPlinter Cell, it took a sideroad in Double Agent, when he was basically double crossed,and had to kill his long term buddy . . .If one followed the story, you could understand that he no longer was the all-stealth-killer he used to be, but a man driven by revenge, hatred, and has no remores these days.

WHile the current game can be played through with a high level of stealth, even that is different than before, his interrogations are more realistic, brutal and get what he wants, plus, you can control - in part - of how the interrogation goes, as they have allowed a certain area you can move the characters around in, which will then trigger different QT events when "B" is pushed for interrogation.

That requires new mechanics, so of course different button use, dynamics etc have to be changed as well.

While I love the games of old, I don't expect new iterations to be faithful to their predecessors, they can't be if the franchise is to move forward, otherwise it's simply a glossed up older game, nothing more.

Personally I like the new Sam Fisher, he's much more real, but there is still plenty of the old still in there as well.

XboxOZ3603108d ago

I've played the demo as well as early code, and some of the retail release, and I can get through sections witha great deal of stealth.

But I know that the storyline has changed,Sam's not you're everyday Eschelone opperative anymore.

Hes not only wanted, and now a formidable enemy, but being pursued on all fronts, doesn't know who to trust, and is of course, much more ruthless than before.

Before, he had a "job" to do, be stealthy, now he has agoal to achieve,, find the so-n-so's who supposedly killed Sarah, although he has been told she still is alive, so given all that, would your character be a all-stealth kinda-guy, or simply use whatever is available to him - at the time.

The story has moved forward, as has the game mechanics, and in order for the game to be more progressive, some actions that were there before simply had to go, they just didn't work like they did in the earlier games.

As gamers we need to understand, developers need to move forward with their game mechanics, as the older more diehard followers of a franchise do NOT make up the bulk of sales.

The sales go to the newer gamer, who expects things done differently these days. Shorter attention spans, shorter and faster delivery sequences, less work on the players behalf to gain a result.

Ubisoft are no fools, I saw some of the data they gathered for this game, and Ghost's new outing, and it's extensive, and it shows things needed to change.

Redlogic3108d ago

I am actually really enjoying this game. Yes, its nothing like the old SC but dang if this version ain't slick. I can't believe you didn't even mention the cover system!?! The cover system is so smooth that it should be adopted by all third person games. Imagine that! I'd want to live in that world. Its just been fun to absolutely dominate these low level mercs with the knowledge of a super secret deadly government agent.

PS - You should warn people before reading the review, since you pretty much spelled out the entire season of 24...I mean plot of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

XboxOZ3603108d ago

Yep, love the cover system, and if you're running, grabbing the left trigger will have Sam slid to an obstacle, then grab cover, or simply slid to the item you're aiming at, even if it is not to be used as 'specified cover' etc.

You can get him to roll or slid, much like in Far Cry 2 which isn't shown in the games button actions. It's just something that you find out about while playing the game.

There's many things a review just can't get around to mentioning, but we also will have out new Second Look Review coming up soon from our US correspondent who does a short and yet detailed review a week later.

We just popped up his Final Fantasy XIII review just moments ago in the Tips section. In case you're interested?

Redlogic3107d ago

I think that is one of those games that can wait until it hits the bargain bin for me. There is too much gaming goodness to keep up with right now. Life would be better if I didn't have to go to work every day for 9 hours! Are there any plans to do a big feature on Red Dead Redemption? That game could be GOTY material if you ask me.

CrimsonSaber3108d ago

i think its a damn good game. in fact im giving it a 9.5 outta 10
plenty of suspence moments in the game that make you go wtf.
not to mention they totaly boasted the mp aspects of the game .
the co-op is just as great as choas theory.
if you havent played the game try it but only if you dig sp gamestyle.
its worth it

XboxOZ3603108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Plus don't forget the other games attached to it as well, the Special Ops ones - accessible through the main menue, which are excellent for those wanting Real Stealth. Some levels must be done without anyone being made aware that you are there, while you can kill or disable the enemy, you job is to get in, get it done and get out . . very Special ops style., plus you can change characters as well.

SO it does cater for all aspects of gameplay really . . and that side of it is also Stats driven and can be shared over the new Ubi Site much similar to the Forza 3 site, where your best playthroughs, stats, etc from all the Ubi games can be shared with other players world-wide.

That's a great step in making the game more accessible and replayable as well.

This is much the same as how ppl will take the new game "Bodycount" while it is still made by the guy that brought us the excellent last-gen game - Black, those that loved that game, may well expect a continuation of its style, seeing that it is very similar to the original Black, but it will be a great deal different, yet have similar characteristics.

As games need to change over the course of time . .

radyboy3108d ago

eurogamer = 7/10
oxm = 8.5/10

they are about right

it is by no way a 9 or anything over a 9 . and if you are gonna compare it to the other splinter cell games , then it wont be anything over 5/10.

i played it and finished it on realtime mode (hardest level), before i knew it it was over . and unlike the other splinter cell's , i didnt really enjoy this game , i just wanted to finish it and be done with it .
i have this "i just want to finish it and be done with it" mentality when i play First Person Shooters , not stealth games!!!!!

its a sad day . ubisoft , you get what you deserve , its supposed to be splinter cell , not modern warfare 2 !!!

sheeesh, (shakes head with head staring at the ground)

-MD-3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I'm not even a stealth fan and I can see how this is a 9 for some people. It's a good game. I had the complete opposite experience in that this is the first Splinter Cell that I actually enjoyed, I found the others to be slow and boring with terrible pacing.

As I was telling some people in my party earlier, I don't want a 20 hour long stealth game so I find the 5-8 hour length to be perfect.

"It just isn't a Splinter Cell game"

You're right! They finally made it good.

XboxOZ3603108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Agreed, and that's what I mean about changing gamer demographics. Where a game could sell well before with 20 hr long campaigns, they can't these days. Many gamers want, as you rightly pointed out, shorter, yet intense games that can be played relatively quickly, yet still give a great amount of entertainment.

Plus, as games change, so do audiences, and thus the games mechanics change as well. Purists will shudder when they play this, yet, I've played every single Splinter Cell game more than 2-3 times, have every copy still, some more than one copy, love the series and franchise, but I'd NOT expect the same game in modern day clothing . . I'm wanting a "new experience" - not a repeat run of an older style of gameplay.

@ radyboy :

And yes, 8 - 9 (max) is right for this game, places such as IGN GameSpot etc live and breath via the multi-millions publishing houses spend with them annually, and their reviews are usually used with pre-release promotions and box art, so they are generally over the 9/10 mark for obvious reasons.

Which is why many gamers these days prefer genuine, detailed reviews by "Indie site', as they are by gamers, for gamers and because it's just pure fun . . not commercially driven.

I respect the guys at IGN, know them well, but we have discussed the complexities of being in such a situation, and it's not easy sometimes.

Cueil3107d ago

Indie sites are worse in some aspects... if I listened ot all the belly squaking over this game I would never have played it... People also seem to forget that you could blast your way through most of CT as well... it's not that this game is more actiony it's that you have a slicker action and not just using the stealth based system to blow the crap out of people... I played this game much like I played the other game and it took me about the same amount of time to finish... 14 hours.

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