Destructoid: Final Fight: Double Impact Review

Destructoid writes: "For games like Final Fight and Magic Sword, telling people what the games are about seems somewhat pointless. They've been around for twenty years and it's easy to assume that people have played them by now. Not to mention Final Fight's iconic status as one of the best arcade brawlers ever made. You should know these games and I won't waste your time on a lengthy description of them."

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playstation_clan3106d ago

with splinter cell having the same score and people praising that game, i would think this game is amazing

ThatArtGuy3106d ago

Final Fight was the inspiration to remake Street Fighter with a sequel. (The same designer made graphics for both games.) Kind of funny really since it was SFII that totally destroyed the whole "Fight, Go Right" genre that Final Fight was a part of.

Final Fight is a classic. The jury is still out on Splinter Cell.