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Lucreto3109d ago

So the US store will be up earlier than the EU store now. They said the EU store updated are on Wednesdays now.

RememberThe3573109d ago

which is not very nice at all.

Blaze9293109d ago

Watch Microsoft move the updates to Monday now

NMC20073109d ago

Microsoft doesn't need to move any dates as they are updated everyday with content, so no, I doubt this Sony move will cause them to move their XBLA release.

Also, when Game Room returns that will be a Thursday release, so...

PSN - Tuesday Update
XBL - M - F updates

TittieSprinkles3109d ago

ok i pay 50 bucks a year to get my content b4 any1 else... including PSN ppl.... microsoft betta make their updates on monday


GiantEnemyCrab3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I dunno why you get a disagree NMC you are right. XBL doesn't wait for 1 day a week to update their content, it is happening everyday..


Glad to see Sony moving the day up but I wish they would do it like XBL does. It gives a reason to check out the XBL Marketplace everyday..With Sony I don't even bother unless it's Thursday.

Tittie Sprinkles you need to own an Xbox first. If you did you would know that MS does content updates everyday.. Not just on Wed. and yes thats a benefit of a paid service.

Rainstorm813109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

It really depends on the content with PSN. they released RE5 demo on a friday i believe, the Liberty city episodes updated on tuesday, gow3 demo tuesday.

Sony brings out certain content on off days the main psn store update is weekly.

SaiyanFury3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

While I applaud the earlier updates, I really hope they increase the quality of said updates. For the last month (personally), I've found the updates meagre. I've looked on the PSN in Japan and they have a slew of great JRPGs available including amasing classics like Vagrant Story, Brave Fencer Musashi, and others. Come on Sony, who wants the pathetic releases of the original PS games that so few people want that you've been "updating" the PS Store with? Release the games that we, the gamers, want. Also, mediocre avatar updates and such fail to inspire me. As a longtime PS gamer, I've been hoping for more.

vhero3109d ago

Not really that much before EU updates as US updates about 1AM (in the morning) GMT. So technically its Friday over here right now when it updates. So it would update in EU on a Wednesday so same day really.. I like though how they getting in before MS though. I always disliked how MS got games before Sony even if it was for a day they always had that to hang over us. PS3 it only does EVERYTHING.

JL3109d ago

What's the big deal with this news? Y'all act like this means we'll be getting updates sooner and have to wait less time for things and whatnot. But after that initial week, we'll still be waiting a week in between updates. So it doesn't matter which day of the week it falls on, it's still once a week, with...still....7days between each update.

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SpaceSquirrel3109d ago

Interesting, that's before Microsoft's update.

kassatsu3109d ago

But knowing how random the update times have been, it might not be loool

multipayer3109d ago

Soon, they will need to update every day to 1up eachother.

kassatsu3109d ago

Wouldn't be hard for Sony since they already do that on the Japanese and Hong Kong stores.

drdre743109d ago

Well it makes sense. I never understood why Sony liked coming in last so much and letting M$ get updates first all the time.

playstation_clan3109d ago

now we update first, haha, love it

Raptura3109d ago

How do you figure that you get them before Xbox? Xbox has always had Tuesday updates and really early in the day.

jfuze3109d ago

Perfect time to do the update because the World of Warcraft nerds will be going through withdrawals and need something to hold them over until servers are back up. xD

Good move, Sony.

logichurtsfanboys3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I wonder if this is going to spawn another competition between Sony and Microsoft. Next we'll be hearing about Microsoft moving their updates to Monday. Then a month later, Sony moves theirs to Sunday. And so on, until they're both back on Wednesday and Thursday lol. Not really being serious of course, but I thought it was funny lol.

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