Richard Morgan, Crysis 2 Hype Machine?

Koku writes: "f you're a gamer and like to log on to the internet and read your gaming news, it's impossible to dodge all the news about the makers of Crysis 2 calling out various first person shooters around the industry, particularly the big games like Halo, Killzone and the Call of Duty franchise. "

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cb8103108d ago

I'm ready for a new shooter

StartWars3108d ago

These tactics won't do them many favors in the long run. Nevertheless, I'm still looking forward to my first Crysis experience on console.

GUCommander3108d ago

Hype sucks. And Crysis wasn't that just had amazing graphics. it has no right to be "calling out" any big games.

Ziriux3108d ago

Yea as the article talks about, having great graphics doesn't make up for great gameplay and story line. While Crysis may be visually stunning it's gameplay is something far from revolutionary.

Aphe3108d ago

But Crysis did have great gameplay as well as the graphics. Meh, I don't know why I'm bothering, people will still say the opposite.

Jellzy3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I wouldn't say it was great, nor would I say it was bad.

I always felt the gameplay and story were mediocre at best. I alwasy felt the original FarCry using the 1st CryEngine was better (not in the graphics department ofcourse)

ThanatosDMC3108d ago

Crysis 1 also had great physics... nothing like mowing down trees to hit an enemy or nuking a whole island...

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Cinotix3108d ago

Crysis 2 PC gaming all the way, PS3 and xbox 360 are terrible systems, graphics are what makes up a great game.

spektical3108d ago

really? graphics make a game?

honestly from a former PC gamer thats so wrong. If you cared only about graphics then might as well watch a blueray movie.

why? well a blue ray looks really nice and has 1080p, and thats all, you get to watch and not do anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.