GamesRadar: PlayStation Move Hands-On

Sony has been showing off PlayStation Move a lot lately, but it's hard to tell what the experience is like from all the talk. So GamesRadar recently tested it extensively and quizzed all the developers they could find for snippets of info. So far, it seems that PS Move has no great games but incredible tech. Read on for their analysis of the controller and the games they got to play.

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Christopher3110d ago

Not a bad review and I completely agree with them on the quality of games that are coming out on the Move. Sony really really really really really needs to focus on getting some good third-party implementations and not just some sloppy implementations that really detract people from wanting to use the motion controllers all together.

-Alpha3110d ago

I certainly wouldn't. They'll gimmick the controller. I doubt we'll see as much quality 3rd party content. My faith is in Sony itself and its 1st party studios

I have to say this really got me excited for Move. I keep flip flopping on Motion control and its potential for hardcore games but Sony truly has the best motion control aimed towards hardcore gamers.

I'm STILL not sure if I'll get it until I see games marketed around it. Unfortunately the crappy Wii casual games look beyond pathetic and hopefully Sony gravitates away from that nonsense.

That Fighting game looks good.

I like how they finally put a good trigger. DS3 triggers suck.
Everything is looking good from the design point. D-Pad seems to be a valid complaint but luckily its not used much. So, the action button isn't the PS Home button?

I have one problem and that's that not all the DS3 buttons are on the motion control. How that will affect games we will see.

Overall very good article, lots of potential. And I agree 100% about Natal being media hype. I have faith in it, but I am also highly critical of what it can offer for hardcore games. Time will tell I guess.

Christopher3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I agree that Sony has to deliver, which is what this generation has pretty much been about on the PS3. But for Move to really take off, I do believe some strong third-party support will be required. I think getting companies like Ubisoft, the second place leaders on the Wii, to get their products on Move is a strong start.

Most importantly, Sony needs to work with third-parties that are planning to create a motion game or implement the controls into their game to prevent poor implementations as much as possible.

Note: glad to have a few people like you around here to actually discuss gaming with Alpha.

saint_john_paul_ii3110d ago

for the move to succeed, there needs to be quality control, sony has that. they'll make sure that 3rd parties dont release crappy games that limits the full potential of The Move.

Huwmor3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

How are all the buttons not covered. I was thinking that until this article, made it apparent that the action button is R2 (or R1).

-Alpha3110d ago

Same to you my friend, I enjoy reading your comments a lot.

And you are right, third party support is needed to alleviate the stress of self-supporting your own product. It would really help Sony out. I'm sure there will be good uses but I'm predicting some gimmicky games too, and that's exactly what I don't want to see.

I'm hearing that developing is a lot easier, so perhaps we'll see lots of support.


I think having an extra X and O on the navigator is so stupid. Should have named it Black and White or something like that because it's just confusing. Also, the R3 button is missing. Action button could work as an L1. But then on the navigator the X and O act as extra buttons. Maybe one of those can be the R3, but now it just gets plain confusing.

We'll have to see. Personally I don't like the idea of buying MOVE just to play older games designed for DS3. Sony needs to make games with MOVE as the primary focus without wearing themselves thin. Their controller is optional after all so they will have to balance DS3 traditionalists while maintaining the MOVE crowd.

cliffbo3110d ago

their comments on the pre-alpha titles were unfair as they were only supposed to demonstrate the tech not finished games.

other than that it was a good preview.

saint_john_paul_ii3110d ago

well cliffbo, i think it has to do with the fact that they want to see the hardcore games. they understood that this is all pre-alpha stuff and that all this would get better. But they want to see this thing get its full potential unlocked and blow it out wide open to all genres and gamers. well will see the hardcore games for it this year at E3, im sure of it. At least they are very impressed with the tech and finally realize that this is not a "wii mote", but actually a evolution of it that takes it to another two levels with the PS eye.

Qui-Gon Jim3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

The Move itself obviously has the face buttons, START, and SELECT. The "T" button probably translates to the R2 and the "action" button probably translates to R1. It doesn't have an analogue stick, so it is missing the R3. The Navigator has L1, L2, and extra X and O buttons, in addition to the D-pad and analogue stick, which probably has L3. They both have the "PS" button. The only button that is missing is the R3, which only gets limited use usually.

I have been wondering about those extra X and O buttons, and here's what i came up with. I guarantee they are duplicates and not new buttons. I think they added those so that there would be the option of using only the Navigator for certain games or functions. Perhaps two players playing a co-op mini-game like the ones you see in the Mario Party games, where one uses the Move and one uses the Navigator. Or maybe just so you can navigate the XMB and menus with one hand.

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dc13110d ago

"Perfect head tracking and body recognition"
"one-to-one motion control with no noticeable lag"
"spookily impressive tech" (behind the back tracking).

Not sure if this has ever been said before but... the PS3 only does everything! (which Includes the ability to transform into a third generation wii)

Didn't Kevin Butler report this .. from the future? just saying..

lokiroo4203110d ago

"The demo got us excited about the Move’s future and made us feel guilty about our presumptive Wii-comparisons."

soljah3110d ago

interesting comment by the zipper guys.
players using move will pawn the ds3 guys. so how can u keep things balanced on line.

Elwenil3110d ago

Really it's not going to be much different than playing a racing game online. Without a decent steering wheel, I imagine it's near impossible to compete with the guys running wheels. It will probably be the same for SOCOM 4 with both controllers active online. I don't know if there is a way to separate them honestly since I don't think the PSN can tell what controller you have installed. As a PC gamer, I'm looking forward to using Move in SOCOM 4 since it will be much more like a mouse that I am used to. To me the controller's small amount of analog movement and the reticle acceleration needed to aim all across the screen has always been the Achilles Heel of console shooters.

Pillage053110d ago


I've often wondered how they would balance this online. Hopefully they have separate lobbys or unranked or something. If they don't I'm sure the gamers will throw a fit 'till they fix it anyways. I can just imagine all the trash talking and paranoia it will cause.

Elwenil3110d ago

It's hard to say if they will do anything to balance it. It could be a good bit of leverage to sell Move if it becomes a do or die situation, or it could backfire and result in the failure of SOCOM 4 and any other games they attempt a similar strategy with. I'm not saying that is what they will do, but it seems it's a possibility. There may actually be a way to separate the players using different controllers but Zipper has mentioned that both Move and DS3 controllers will be playing against each other. If they bundle SOCOM 4 with Move then I'd say they are probably going to push Move as a "must have" item. It could go either way but I think a lot of the die hard controller players would switch if Move turns out as promising as it looks. Seriously, who doesn't want to utilize the best tools to improve their game and stay competitive?

Myze3110d ago

The ps3 can tell what type of controller/setup you are using. When using the mouse/keyboard setup in Unreal Tournament 3 (haven't play in a long time, assume the servers are still up), it separates servers to where you can play on a server that's only one or the other, or a server that allows both controller and k/m. I'm sure the ps3 will be able to recognize when you have Move attached.

ChozenWoan3110d ago

Sooner or later, someone is going to assign a DS3 to log into the DS3 server, then once inside change to the PSMove to gain an advantage. Or, their DS3 will need to be recharged and the only other controller is a PSMove. What then, are they going to be auto-kicked from the server mid match?

I would go with the mixed match making, less work and fewer contingencies to worry about. If you want to compete in future FPSs then your gonna need a PSMove anyway, especially if it is backwards compatible with games such as MAG, KZ2, and such.

PSMove doesn't require massive tiring movements when playing games such as Soccom anyway, so there is no reason why gamers wouldn't want to get that little bit extra accuracy and speed. So I'm going to get mine Day 1 to pawn those too short sighted to step their game up... so keep your heads down if you see me on the opposite team this fall.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603110d ago

Wheres the Natal hands on article? oh that's right, you have to fly to a foreign country and be hand picked by ms themselves to try it.