Gamestation Legally Owns 88% of its Customers' Souls

Gamestation updated its terms and conditions agreement for online sales on April 1st with an "Immortal Soul Clause." This was part April Fool's joke, and part secret survey about how many people actually read T&S agreements. The soul-stealing clause was left there for two weeks, and now Gamestation is coming clean.

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Braineater24483108d ago

That's really funny and clever. I know I never read those damn agreements.

catguykyou3108d ago

There was a story out awhile ago that was really cool. The terms and agreement actually stated the first 10 people to send an email to the specified email got like 1k$. It was over 5 years before anyone emailed.

TheGameLlama3107d ago

Gamers don't have souls, silly! :P

naznatips3108d ago

Haha okay that's pretty funny.

Rubang3108d ago

I always read full contracts. At GDC I read some full contract just to sign over my brain activity while playing a little brain training game. The researcher at the booth told me I was the first person of the entire conference to read the whole thing. And that one was only 2 or 3 paragraphs. But 88%? Damn. They should really keep those souls.

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The story is too old to be commented.