IGN: Dead Space 2: What We Want

EA and Visceral Games are gearing up for Dead Space 2. Although not much is known about the title -- Isaac's back, there are more necromrophs, etc. – a small snippet of the game was shown at PAX East just a few weeks ago. In that clip, Issac was rocking his new body suit, which will display all the health bars and functions of a HUD just like last game, and at one point leapt from a train car and flew with the next.

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TheRedTerror3108d ago

but i'd seetle for as "scary" as the first. As long as they don't make it too actiony i'll be a happy dead space fan.

interrergator3108d ago

it shouldnt be that much action all i wana see is darkness and necromorphs comin out and scare the crap outa me wen i played the first one i walked so slow i kept my surround sound off lol i was so scared lol and i LOVE THAT

TheRedTerror3108d ago

the amount of tense moments made the game awesome, had my adrenaline going the whole time. When you were low on ammo that only increased the effect. Making the character too strong with lots of ammo will ruin that. It has to maintain the feeling of weakness and helplessness.

ThanatosDMC3108d ago

I want some co-op and some multiplayer survival games think L4D's Versus mode.

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JohnCarpenter3107d ago

Coop and Multiplayer wouldn't be scary at all.
There should be situations giving you the feeling of really loosing control. Some of this situations could lead to cutscenes.
Eternal Darkness anyone?