New World of Warcraft mount costs $25, makes Blizzards a fortune

EX: "Though forking over $25 may seem like a whole lot of cash for a digital item (particularly considering that two months of World of Warcraft subscription time is $29.99), according to, that hasn't deterred over 70,000 gamers from getting in line to buy one. As gaming blog Joystiq points out, that's a sizable chunk of change."

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atticus143112d ago

Sad. This only sets the standards for future DLC.

Thanks guys!

evrfighter3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

@ $25!!!!!


Maggots of society. They disgust me. I'm gonna throw up now.

they just lined Kotick & Co.'s pockets with $1.75 million of pure profit.

Slimshadyn3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

You know caps lock is like a car with no brakes, sure you can drive it but that doesn't mean you should. You sir, must be a Toyota.

Vladim1r3112d ago

"standards for future DLC"

I facepalmd irl. What standard? After dozens of DLCs that were released on the market, already done and finished before those games were even finished? Map packs that you HAVE to buy if you want to play with your friends? Stuff that you HAVE to buy just to play (BF:heroes)?!

Blizzard $$$ items are purely cosmetical.

@evrfighter People spend money on their hobbies? Holy-sh*t, welcome to the world man.
Hating on Blizzard makes you cool, too

evrfighter3112d ago

So throwing money away at the mmo petshop is a hobby now?

You are exactly the type of gaming reject I'm talking about.

you can label me a kia if you want. Useless posts are useless.

Marquis_de_Sade3112d ago

Can this mount be earned in game as well?

haqshot3112d ago

This would be one of the many reasons that I own stock in Activision Blizzard.

MMFGaming3112d ago


Negative. Only purchasable.

Still, considering people gladly shelled out $300 for a Polar Bear mount, $25 is chump change in comparison.

Darkfiber3112d ago


Hahaha sounds like you wasted the $25 and you're trying to justify your purchase. Charging $25 is disgusting for anything, especially for ONE in game item. You should get an entire expansion for that price.

I used to like Blizzard, now the way things are going, I doubt I will ever give them another cent. Charging 3 times for StarCraft 2 (which, I don't know if you played, but is virtually identical to the 12 year old original StarCraft game with a couple new units. If anything it should be a free graphic patch update that adds a couple new things), charging $70 for each, and THEN adding a monthly fee to play StarCraft 2. I'm sure the same thing will go for Diablo 3. Anyone playing all 3 Blizzard games will be paying $45 a month in subscription fees, in addition to the $70 pricetags for the games, and THEN paying for the expansions and other crappy items/mounts/services they already charge for. It's disgusting. And people keep throwing money at them. When are they going to realize it's just not worth it.

karlowma3111d ago

Big agree man. I don't care for a second if some WoW addict wants to throw some extra cash around to be a little more unique in game. Hell, I used to be a WoW addict, and can definitely see the appeal. Mounts are just one of those things in game that people use to differentiate themselves from the 11 million other people populating their world. I have also spent money (~$3/ea mind you) buying costumes for characters in League of Legends for the same reason. I (and pretty much everyone on my friends list) have even dropped a few bucks on my Xbox Live avatar.

But as you mentioned, this is not at all a requirement to play or enjoy the game. Things like multiplayer map packs, on the other hand, segment the playerbase, essentially forcing you to purchase them if you want to continue playing with all your friends. This imo is wrong, and would seem counter-intuitive to the publisher, until you realize that they do this in lieu of making new games, in essence to capitalize further on their already expended development costs. As games are starting to cost more and more to develop, I can certainly understand the business model, even if I don't like it.

I don't have a problem with cosmetic enhancements that do not affect gameplay. It's a pretty easy choice to simply not make the purchase, if you're not interested.

atticus143111d ago

listen to yourself justifying 25 bucks for a mount. I could go on and on about how its related to being a moron, nerd, living in moms basement....but thats beside the fact. The more people buy this ridiculous stuff, the less real content everyone gets in the future. They'll make everything generic as possible and hold back anything cool as DLC. Sure, I guess thats okay, if WoW is your life, but its retarded to practically everyone else. But unfortunately the actions of 70k are going to effect millions of people in the future across all games. I mean seriously blizzard, your selling crack to crack hoes now...they just cant help themselves.

this makes 15 bucks for a map pack with 2 rehashed maps look like a steal.

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Slimshadyn3112d ago

The mount is sweet but I want the Lil'XT, one of my favorite bosses.

MMFGaming3112d ago

My guild had the hardest time downing that guy pre Icecrown patch on hard mode. Burning his heart down was hard enough, but we kept wiping on 25 man.

noprin3112d ago

this is madness
how can a mount cost 25 dollars??
I mean come on you can buy aquaria for $19.99!and it is a full game with a beautiful design

RagTagBnd4453112d ago

They have getting really greedy at Activision/Blizzard and they know they can get away with it, because so many will still play their games.

chak_3112d ago

-100 in my mind blizzard.

You are now around 100, you took too many minus with no lan SX2/DIII, 3 games for SC, stupid wow services, no more runes, no more skill trees....

i mean wake up blizzard

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