Top 10 Amazingly-Fun Xbox 360 Achievements

From the feature top list:

"With Gamerscore being awarded for doing various Achievements in games, the Achievement system on the Xbox 360 has not only brought back, but also evolved the concept of the classic video game high score. There are some ways Achievements are inane, don't get me wrong – depending on the game, some Achievements are either downright ridiculous or just plain stupid to get. But there are some Achievements out there that really do get the point of the Achievement system – certain Achievements that, when you accomplish them, really do give that feeling of accomplishment. These Achievements really do make you feel like you've done something truly awesome and badass. Ten such Achievements are listed below; if you really want to feel like a skilled gamer, and to see the Xbox 360 Achievement system at its finest, then I suggest going for these each and every one."

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LaurenKB1233203d ago

Great thing to do on a rainy weekend, I'll be going for a couple of these asap!

Ocelot5253203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

does a week-end where it rains volcano ashes also counts?

i gave Gears of War – Seriously up on the pc-version long ago.

off-topic but funny:

average x360 gamer? (i'm joking)

UltimaEnder3203d ago

The achievement system to me is a huge deal, it's what has me playing 99% of multi-platform games on my Xbox 360 - hilarious how Sony bashed them at first then implemented the idea, great list...

Convas3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Achievements are one of the best and worst parts of the Gaming Experience when it comes to rewards. Just look at my gamertag ...

Also, Bad Company's "Beans Bullets Bandages" Achievement is the same as Gears of War 2's "Seriously...".

BlackTar1873203d ago

but personally prefer trophies just cuz i like comparing how many golds and plats etc with buddies. both are the same thing so for me its just preference. I love getting a platinum : )

ThanatosDMC3203d ago

I dont even own have one platinum trophy...

PRHB HYBRiiD3203d ago

what would be gaming without achievements??? plus u could get some avatar awards gamerpics...themes..and keeps u playing with a goal.

The BS Police3203d ago

I think the most fun acheivement was Vidmaster: Annual in Halo 3.

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