Gaming Trends in Western and Eastern RPGs: Developing for Everyone

resumeplay writes: "Gaming underwent a social revolution this generation, finding vast media coverage coupled with increased acceptability. In large part due to the Wii and franchises like Guitar Hero, our culture faces greater recognition and acknowledgment."

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SKGamer3106d ago

Some very interesting ideas to consider. Well written, thanks!

mau643106d ago

I can't believe that I've enjoyed more RPG's made in the states than I have from overseas.

Ziriux3106d ago

Well JRPG's are for a certain niche of players, i'm not into all that kiddy Japanese stuff.

sdoodguy013106d ago

I've noticed more Eastern games with a Western influence lately, including Demon's Souls -- other way around as well. Nice read!

NYShotgun063106d ago

Sweet Article. Gaming have completely changed from the past and I'm loving the gaming scene today.

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