Golden Axe and Sonic on XBLA tomorrow

It took nearly a year since first announced during E3 2006, but it appears tomorrow's edition of Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday will be bringing us Golden Axe. Another game might also be released simultaneously, which would be that other old-school SEGA classic Sonic the Hedgehog we've been waiting for since its implicit announcement through getting an ESRB rating

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Bloodmask4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

The golden age of gaming. When Sega was in their prime. The original Sonic is a classic that stands the test of time.

I only hope that Golden Axe is the arcade version. Speaking of Golden Axe wasn't a next gen version announced a long time ago?

InMyOpinion4306d ago

It was, and it looked kinda cool too. Golden Axe and Sonic, out of nowhere! Excellent!

kewlkat0074306d ago

I see game son XBLA that I would like to purchase. I've been getting so many VC games on the Wii, but they seem to have all the old-school nostalgic games.

Well this is good start. I know Nintendo owns a lot of rights to some games and such, plus the developers don't have to do jack-squat since your getting basically the same damn game, but I think XBL soup up some of the games and add achievements and other goodies, so I can't complain.

sticky doja4306d ago

I sure hope so, and I hope its not the Genesis port. Give me an updated one or the original arcade version please.

Bnet3434306d ago

I'll buy Golden Axe if it has online co-op

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The story is too old to be commented.