The Dreamcast: Pioneer of Gaming

The Dreamcast, in the late 1990s was the best of the best. Not only was the Dreamcast an innovative system with its online play and its accessories, but where else could gamers get great survival horror games, epic arcade ports of fighting games, and Sonic in 3D? Goozernation asks was there another gaming system better then the Dreamcast?

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TheHater3107d ago

I can't help but laugh at the author of this article. Calling it the best of the best, yet he clearly don't know the exact release date of the system.
JP November 27, 1998
NA September 9, 1999
EU September 14, 1999
AUS September 14, 1999
PAL December 3, 1999

That took me less than 30 seconds to research.

whateva3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

those were the days when I was a teen lol

it made my brother go out and buy a dreamcast too lol

anyone remember the free Game Sega Swirls? I loved that little game they should bring it back out on PSN and Live.

TheHater3107d ago

I was only 9-10 years old when I had my Dreamcast. So my parents didn't allow me to connect it to the Internet. Worst was when I came home from summer vacation and my mom gave my Dreamcast and Super Nintendo away. I was so pissed at her, but she end up making up to me by buying me a Playstation 2 and a Nintendo Gamecube :)

-Alpha3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I honestly think DC could have been the Xbox of today without the Microsoft bit: they had online experience first, they had the games, they had the controller that the 360 totally took from, they had motion control, they had the peripheral based rhythm games.

And then Sony destroyed it with the PS2 lol.

I LOVE my Dreamcast. Nostalgia, great, great, games, and in all honesty some of the best time I've had with my gaming career. It's a shame that Sony (mostly) destroyed it, but at least Sony didn't waste time cementing their own legacy.

I wonder how it would be like with Sega, Nintendo, and Sony. The perfect Trinity IMO. Microsoft is great, but I can't help but think how Sega would have been today. There is so much history with those three.

I know there is no room in hell for 4 competitors, but I'd trade in MS for Sega if Sega would have succeeded as well as I envision. Actually, I wouldn't mind Sega, MS, and Sony since Nintendo really has lost sight of the hardcore IMO.

But unfortunately Sega died and they are a shadow of their old glory. It's really unfortunate but unless your a big company like Microsoft or Sony then there is no way you can support yourself on just gaming. Sony PS3 and MS Xbox 1 both would have been KO'd out of the gaming industry if it wasn't for the companies backing them. Tough break for Sega.

Tony P3107d ago

I definitely appreciate the DC and it's one of my favourite consoles. Very forward thinking in many areas, especially online.

GameOn3107d ago

They also gave out Chu Chu Rocket free. Loved that console but I've managed to miss-place it along with my games and copy of Shenmue. Still got the key-board though.

-Alpha3107d ago

Power Stone 2 was my favorite game and I still enjoy it with friends/family. Power Stone>>>>>> Super Smash IMO solely for the 3D worlds which meant awesome freedom. Never really got used to SSB's 2D planes.

Give me your Dreamcast controllers and Shenmue if you don't use it >:)

soxfan20053107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Dreamcast was the first home console whose games looked better than arcade games - this was a HUGE leap. Look at Soul Calibur - which was a DC launch game. It put the arcade version to shame.

Up until DC, The best looking games were still in the arcades - although the quality gap was narrowing. Saturn's arcade ports weren't as high resolution, and neither were PS1's.

Arcades were still somewhat popular in the 1990's because home consoles hadn't yet equaled arcade quality. Dreamcast changed that, and now that home games looked and played better than arcade games, there was little reason to play arcade games anymore - except for nostalgic value.

Although I wish Dreamcast had survived longer, I consider the Xbox to be it's successor. Crazy Taxi 3, Outrun 2, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, House of the Dead 3 - these Xbox games would likely have been DC games if it had survived.

darthv723107d ago

I still have the original kay b toys receipt and commerative dreamcast kay b store bag.

It is a great system. I liked it when bleem came out and announced being able to play ps1 games on the dc in better res. Sad thing only 3 bleemcast discs were officially released. Luckily i got all 3 and another version of the pc bleem that has been made to work on the dc.

The dc has so many homebrew stuff that I think it is the first system to ever offer console homebrew and emu.

The biggest thing for me was finding the full complete half life and blueshift that valve pulled the plug on right before release not to mention propeller arena that sega canned right after 9/11.

sinclaircrown3107d ago

Umm. I think Late 90's pretty much covered it. Why name every release date?

himdeel3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago ) terms of console innovation. It was truly ahead of it's time. I find it so funny that we're playing on systems that do everything the Dreamcast did.

Sword of the Berserk was an awesome hack&slash game

ViciousBoston3107d ago

Everyone is so quick to say "Sony destroyed it" ya know Sega had a part in it themselves ya know. Bad business decisions. But no lets not recall those at all. Its ALL Sony's fault right? RIGHT?

Persistantthug3107d ago

It was the only console I had last generation because I was heavily into MMO's.

Too bad PS2 destroyed it. lol

ArQuesta3106d ago


That you use Wikipedia as your reference shows just how little you respect research. Wikipedia, while interesting, is not a valid source for any sort of authentication.

Also, please check your grammar before you try being snotty, ok?

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whateva3107d ago

I was in love!

I still think the jump from N64 to Dreamcast was one of the biggest jumps in gaming, besides from SNES to PS1 but it was some consoles in between SNES & PS1 I just didn't have them.

When I seen SOULCALIBUR , Ready 2 Rumble & NBA 2K at Electronics Boutique in the mall I knew I had to come back for it when it came out.

Gandalf3107d ago


Also loved Shenmue and Soul Calibur.

BeaArthur3107d ago

Sega really under-marketed it.

ReBurn3107d ago

I agree. This console was so full of win and it died way too soon. For me it completely captured the essence of Sega since the games on Dreamcast felt just like the games Sega was releasing in the arcade. I still play mine regularly. I need a new controller.

air13107d ago

although those days was great, i find it hard to go back and play. the only game i was able to go back to ( and it was sometime ago) was a ps1 game medievel im sure the spelling is wrong but i loved the hell out of that game.

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