GameStation: "We own your soul"

GameStation has today revealed that it legally owns the souls of thousands of customers, thanks to a clause it secretly added to the online terms and conditions for the official GameStation website.

The "Immortal Soul Clause" was added as part of an attempt to highlight how few customers read the terms and conditions of an online sale.

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scruffy_bear3932d ago

Ha Ha very funny nice work Gamestation

Godmars2903932d ago

Its not a general statement how convoluted and needlessly bloated online business transactions have become?

Honestly, what's point of asking, requiring, that someone adheres to a terms of service *after* they've bought software and don't have the option of returning it if they say no?

GameOn3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

lol, this could backfire with all the religious people out there.

Wonder if they will now start selling second hand souls at bloated prices.

Godmars2903932d ago

Thing about that is the Christians would probably jump on that before any Satanist.

bnaked3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

all these people are doomed ^^

AKNAA3932d ago

No, unfortunately my ex-wife does until I get an offical devoirce:O

huzzaahh3932d ago

Seeing as Satanists are split into two prominent groups (Atheistic and Theistic Satanists, with me being the former), there would be two separate reasons for us not wanting those souls.

1. Atheistic Satanists are... well, atheists. We don't believe in that bogus stuff.

2. Theistic Satanists are scary, goat-sacrificing people who have no need for a soul, since they serve the devil.

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KR1ST0F3R3932d ago

i already used the unique DLC code.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3932d ago

by chance its not gamestop

worm20103932d ago

I own your soul


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