Can Sony 'Move' hardcore gamers?

MSNBC: Any seasoned gamer who owns a Wii is probably familiar with this scenario. Family has come to visit and so you bust out the "Wii Sports" and start in with a round of boxing. You, with years of gaming under your belt, hold the motion controllers in your hands and punch the air with careful precision and thoughtful timing. Meanwhile, your 6-year-old niece grips the controllers with pint-sized zeal and flails her arms with all the thought and precision of a goose on fire … and thusly proceeds to beat you at this game time and time again.

Playing goofy games with friends and family is fun and watching people flail about is always amusing. But if you're a gamer's gamer, it's not exactly the kind of experience that's going to sell you on motion controls. As soon as your niece leaves, you may just shove the Wii into the closet to gather dust.

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logichurtsfanboys3134d ago

If they make an Elder Scrolls type game, then I'd buy it.

Natsu X FairyTail3134d ago

Motion controls can be used for hardcore games. The Devs just got to make the game well. Just look at MadWorld on the wii. It's crazy fun.

Apocalypse Shadow3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

just don't make it easy and cheesy.

core gamers like myself like difficulty and precision.

take demon die because it was your fault.the game gives you the tools.the controls are great.but it's your SKILL that is in question.same in virtua fighter.same in street fighter.same in gt5.

difficulty doesn't mean extremely just means challenging to play.getting by with just one punch is not acceptable to a core gamer.

easy games are fun.but they don't last long to a core gamer.make move games like core games,and core gamers will be there.

Hellsvacancy3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

If Sony make a good RTS game usin Move then im in, i could c summin like StarCraft 2 usin Move very well, not that StarCraft will cum 2 the PS3 anyway it was just an example

But that would b 1 way of gettin the Hardcore gamers 2 jump in