5 Greatest Vintage Arcade Games

Associatedcontent: When waxing nostalgic, many people can fondly remember the arcade games that unified them with their peers. Vintage arcade games that are still great today, and still have a built in fan base include many of the original arcade games that defined a generation. The arcade games have undergone rampant growth, due to the technology boom, but the simplicity of the games of the late 1970's and early 1980's still hold our imaginations.

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Raypture3203d ago

I'm surprised not to see tetris there, if I was asked to make a list of my top ten faves it would probably be in it, I've always loved tetris, in fact I played it for about a hour today.

Great list though, and they are all great games.

Rhythmattic3203d ago

5 Choices is not enough.

Galaga/Galaxian were a more refined version of Space Invaders, so what about Gyruss ? It took the concept even further.

What about the old side scrollers Scrambler, Moon Patrol and defender ???

As I said, 5 is not enough, with Galaga having a "similar" game mechanic to Space Invaders , I would of picked Asteroids Instead. Ah.. Those Vector graphics gave me a "full on robot chubby"

kraze073203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Never played Scrambler but man I loved playing Moon Patrol and Defender. Galaga and Space Invaders are my favorites out of the games mentioned. I want to see someone do an article on the evolution of shoot'em ups in gaming. Even though some great games have been released these last few years the genre still doesn't get the attention it deserves.