PS3 Games That Could Benefit From PlayStation Move

PSU Writes: "Have you been day-dreaming about PlayStation Move and its wealth of possibilities? As you can imagine, we have, hence the article you're about read! Now, indulge us in our fantasies for just a few minutes. We're not saying that implementing PlayStation Move into these games would be possible, nor are we saying that it would necessarily work. We're as clueless as you are to its possibilities until we see it in the flesh. In a perfect world, however, these are the franchises that we feel could really benefit from Move if indeed the technology is capable of making such crazy dreams come true."

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whateva3135d ago

GTA4 can use it to beat hookers!


MLB The Show

Demon's Souls

Devil May Cry 4


the list goes on

sinncross3135d ago

Arb article... both LittleBigPlanet and Flower are confirmed to be receiving support for the PS Move.

You know, I honestly think that the PS Move could make Lair what it perhaps should have been. I don't think its out of the realm of possibility to expect Sony to be preparing Lair 2 for the PS move (they do own the IP after all)

Noctis Aftermath3135d ago

As long as they don't require people to have move to play games(any pre-existing IP) then they can do whatever they want.

ThanatosDMC3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

No thanks on Devil May Cry. I like the controls the way it is. Besides, it's fast paced action and there's absolutely no way to do all the stuff that Dante/Vergil could do and implement it in the living room. Think double jump + teleporting + all those moves.

Completely agree with Noctis.

ChozenWoan3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

what games can't the PSMove improve!

To ThanatosDMC
This is not Natal...
... PSMove has this thing that we will in the future call buttons. I think they will prove to be very important.

Tachyon_Nova3135d ago

LBP would definitely benefit, Motor storm could perhaps, but I don't know if I really wanna do that in a racing game. but I can't say much for the others, if only because I've never played them.

Heavenly Sword: This is a game I have wanted to buy since I bought my PS3, and I've been putting it off just because I've got into the habit of putting off buying it. Should I buy it? Money isn't an issue, but I don't want to waste time with it if it's not that good given all the other PS3 games I have to play right now.

ChozenWoan3134d ago

The game it great. Not GOW3 Olympic great, but if it had released today instead of when there was so few PS3's, it would have sold 2mill easily great. It's truly worthy of a sequel, and features some unique gameplay I WISH GOD3 had.

Better hurry too as they are also becoming more and more rare.

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Apocalypse Shadow3135d ago

mlb:the show
fight night round 4
hot shots golf
high velocity bowling
demon souls
little big planet
ape escape
trash panic
operation creature feature
trails of topoq
go sports sky diving
pixel junk eden
elder scrolls
ratchet and clank

repackages of eyetoy play 1,2 and 3
actually,all the eyetoy games given a facelift with move.

as whateva could go on and on and on......

multipayer3135d ago

That was the most random list ever, but ya. Everything. Even LittleBigPlanet would benefit greatly for moving around in the popit menu.

Say goodbye to your controllers everyone, we are entering the point and click era...

huzzaahh3135d ago

We're entering the point and click era... again. It has come and gone... and come back again, just like 3D. Gimmicks truly never die.

tehReaper3135d ago

Folklore, Oblivion, and LBP would be cool to play using Move. Heck, so would The Show.

kraze073135d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. I can understand games like Flower using Move, but games like Tekken, Heavenly Sword, and Socom 4 do not needs motion controls implemented. Not even as an option for competitive games like Tekken, Socom 4, or any shooters.

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