7 Nintendo Exclusives PS3 & 360 Gamers Wish They Had

Associatedcontent: Nintendo is considered by many to be the greatest video game company to ever exist- a title almost uncontested. Due to this, there is an immense amount of jealousy on rival consoles concerning Nintendo's creations. Here you can find the top seven Nintendo exclusives that HD gamers (360, PS3) wish they had and why they'll never get them.

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Natsu X FairyTail3134d ago

I dont really wish I had most of these games on Xbox360 because I do know they are wii 1st party games but I would love tales of Symphonia 2 because it'S 3rd party.

presto7173133d ago

My one and only wii game.

qface643133d ago

i feel like playing pikmin

HolyOrangeCows3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I wouldn't mind an HD Pikmin and SMG.

They would still look nicer.

tunaks13133d ago

I dont think HD would change anything for those games
Galaxy already looks brilliant

oricon3133d ago

As a big fan of Tales of Symphonia, part 2 was horrible the battle system, graphics, and story was horrible too many bad game development choices such as no maps no proper party, however the game wasnt canon and was just a spin off, Graces on the other hand played it very good game, that deserves to be on the list.

Rocket Sauce3133d ago

I wonder how many people who don't have a Wii have even heard of Pikmin or Tales of Symphonia?

Christopher3133d ago

No More Heroes
Mad World
Red Steel 2
Monster Hunter Tri

So... none of the items on that list are at all appealing to me.

HolyOrangeCows3133d ago

Oh, and Monster Hunter Tri, too.

Army_of_Darkness3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

double post, sh1t!

Army_of_Darkness3133d ago

after seeing the gameplay trailer of "no more heroes" port to the ps3/360... Looks as if we're going back a generation(PS2)...

Noctis Aftermath3133d ago

If i was offered all of these games for the PS3 or an international version of Tales of Vesperia PS3 i would take ToV hands down.

Namco Bandai get to work on localizing it please.

Bnet3433133d ago

The only one I want is Dragon Quest X. That should of made it to the PS3.

EVILDEAD3603133d ago

Nah..we Don't want ANY Wii Games on other systems..because we ALL own Wii's (at least most of the world does)..

No one want's Mario to go anywhere..


WildArmed3133d ago

the only 3 i care about are:
Super smash

not in any specific order.

These games made having a Nintendo console worth it.
I bougth N64 JUST for Zelda Ocarina of time. (probably the best game eva!)

Tachyon_Nova3133d ago

Seriously, Pokemon? Who wants to play that crap? Metroid perhaps, but I dare say we will be getting our own version soon that will blow Wii version out of the water.

I can honestly say that apart from Metroid, I have never even so much as thought I wanted to play any of those games.

SaiyanFury3133d ago

As a longtime Sony gamer who grew up on Nintendo and SEGA consoles, I can safely say that I don't want any of those games save the most recent Tales of Symphonia, which was the only reason I got a GameCube. The original game is my favourite in the series because it's such a great RPG. Metroid Prime? No thanks. I prefer the side scrolling games because that's what they always were to me in the best form. The FPS version (I have the first in the series) never really appealed to me. I never did manage to get into the Zelda series. Super Mario Galaxy? The last Mario title that I really enjoyed was the original Super Mario World on the SNES. I never cared for Mario beyond that. Super Smash Brothers? A Mario-based fighting game? I lost interest in fighting games around 2000, since I spent a large amount of my teenage years playing so many other fighting games like Street Fighter 2. Pokemon? I tried it about 9 years ago but monster collection never appealed to my RPGaming nature. Pikmin? Again, I don't care. If other people want to play those games then I tip my cap to those that want to play them, but they don't appeal to me as a gamer. StarFox on the SNES was the last Nintendo property that I loved, but that was 16 or so years ago. I've moved on. This is a personal testimony, others will feel different. Hey people, play what you love; that's the nature of the market!

gaffyh3133d ago

Having played (and owning) a lot of those games on my Wii, I can safely say that PS3 and 360 owners that don't own a Wii are not missing out on anything. As soon as you buy a Wii, the fad lasts for about 2 weeks, after that even children get bored of it. I honestly haven't even switched mine on for like a year, and it's right next to my PS3.

Smacktard3133d ago

ToS: DotNW? Are you SERIOUS? I like the Tales Of formula, but DotNW was an absolutely terrible game. I mean, I enjoyed it, but it's terribly made, the characters, VA, and dialogue is absolutely ATROCIOUS, and it's only half of what a Tales Of game should be. There's so many better options, like de Blob or Red Steel 2 or basically ANYTHING really.

amogrr3133d ago

And what version is that?

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SpoonyRedMage3134d ago

Haha, I could name plenty of game such as NBA Jam, Epic Mickey, No More Heroes (although I should specify 2 now), Madworld, House of the Dead: Overkill, Muramasa.... but I wouldn't list Symphonia 2... Graces perhaps...

then again the west may not get Graces at all.

Redempteur3133d ago

you see that make me so sad ... why is it taking so long to translates tales of graces ? what happenned namco ??

Mahr3133d ago

"why is it taking so long to translates tales of graces ?"

What makes you think it's being translated? The fact that the closest thing we have to an official announcement was some random unconfirmed report by ONM does not inspire much in the way of confidence.

"what happenned namco??"

With the exception of Nintendo, Bamco probably has the worst localization record of any major publisher, and always has.

Redempteur3133d ago

see i'm a tales of fan ( yeah i have original copies of every tales of even the japaneses ones ) and the only reason i haven't got tales of graces is because the japanese version was plagued by bugs ...

if nothing is annonced by E3 in america , then .. then ... then ...

/*goes crying in a corner

George Sears3134d ago

I'm not that much of a fan of Mario but I do like the Zelda franchise, a lot. I remember playing Super Smash Bros. Back in the day. That and WCW/NWO Revenge were one of my fav N64 games.

For some reason, playing revenge with my cousins and my neighbor really pissed us off. I can't really describe it, we just got sooo mad when we were losing.

Dai3133d ago

Seriously, he hit the nail right on the head. Haha.

Lavalamp3133d ago

Yes I want Tales of Symphonia. My Gamecube died on me and I haven't had the chance to finish my second playthrough. I also want Tales of Graces. These two games alone are why I'm getting a Wii.

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