Where Will GTA V Be Set?

GGTL: "Ever since gamers got their grubby hands on the previous Liberty City, and started shooting through the streets in a stolen police car, we've wondered where the next installment should be set. This teaser sparked off the whole guessing game - what could the rip be? It looks like north-western France, but the Seagull Theater is in London, and the picture behind it bears resemblance to a Vice City poster..."

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monkpunk13108d ago

Make it the UK i think that would be awesome. I couldn't really gel with Niko, loved Tommy from vice city, mainly due to Ray Liota.

If it was in the UK can you imagine Danny (im a prick) Dyers voice being used, although i think it would be funny....

GameOn3108d ago

I'd much rather somewhere like Mexico City or some Brazilian city with the slums and all that. London just seems a bit plain to me.

monkpunk13108d ago

But come on, the UK has all walks of cultures, wide boy gangsters set it in the 90's when british music was just class. Imagine the radio stations playing Oasis (when they were at their peak)The Prodigy 'smack my biatch up' whilst literally kicking a prostitutes face in lol, all whilst driving a BMW M3 lookalike, it would work well in my opinion.

Shaman3108d ago

Hmmm Vice City?HELL YEA!England?Thanks,but no thanks.It would be to similar to IV,rainy and gray colors,no.We need new,sunny,comic GTA and perfect setting is Vice City.

BYE3108d ago

I agree with Shaman, London would be boring.

NOOBKILLA3108d ago

I would like to GTA V: Sin City (Vegas) or GTA V: Big Easy (New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina)

Kratos Spartan3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

exclusively on the PS3!


Nah but seriously, love to see it in D.C.

Jamegohanssj53108d ago

Bubbles for you Spartan because that's exactly where it will be. PS3 and Vice City.


Sunny_D3108d ago

I don't think the numbered GTA's will be anywhere else but in Liberty City. If you look at 1,2,3 and 4, they all have been set in Liberty City and the same will be for 5 but in a new location. There will be a london gat game, and it will be called The Getaway 3!1

Noctis Aftermath3108d ago

No more places based on american cities please, also give it the open world feel of san andreas, GTA4 was basically just 1 big city and that is boring as sh1t to look at.

Hell, they should add in some snow fields, being able to ski and snowboard would be incredible, imagine snowboarding down a mountain while shooting up a bunch of guys who are trying to get away from you.

superrey193107d ago

I loved Vice City. It's the only city I memorized like the back of my hand... although, thats prolly attributed to the fact that its smaller than Liberty city.

xboxlj3107d ago

GTA in Atlanta, GA or Cleveland, OH.

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Cold 20003108d ago

It would be cool if they bring it to a big South American city like Rio or even Bogota.

Convas3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

And this time, I wish Rock* would let us play a GTA game as ourselves. Like literally, make a name for ourselves, build our own identity, Buy businesses, Rent apartments, get invovled in seedy business deals with the Mob. I for one am kind of tired of playing as someone else in an Open World game.

GTA needs to Redefine the Open World Genre, and letting us build our own lives in a new city would be setting the bar unimaginably high.

If you're reading this Rock*, do what needs to be done.

ThatArtGuy3108d ago

Buy Saints Row 2. Has all that you're looking for.

Batzi3108d ago

in London. Or Tokyo, that would put Yakuza fans on stand-by ;)

Cold 20003108d ago

Yeah, Tokyo would be great.