Xbox Live Is Still Up Surprisingly

So what's going on, a last minute complication, a deal with the devil or could the guys responsible for it not be bothered to close everything down at midnight? Whatever the reason I doubt it'll last long so if you still want to enjoy some classic Halo 2 multiplayer action, log in now or never again.

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GameOn3204d ago

Its become self aware and is resisting shut down. Oh noes!

playstation_clan3204d ago

I think i speak for majority of the xbox 1 userbase when i say, let it live longer, we rather pay for this and not halo odst with its 4 hour length. NO RROD either

-Alpha3204d ago

I don't understand why they would cut support to a game that evidently has a strong active roster of players. Really, why would they do that?

kissmeimgreek3204d ago

to get the people who still ONLY play halo 2 to buy a 360 and get Halo 3 or just move on to Halo Reach.

Also they want to cut all ties to the original Live system so they can update LIVE with features that would have been impossible with managing both LIVE versions

playstation_clan3204d ago

simple. Microsoft wants halo odst sales up

NSG3204d ago

Completely agree. And it's like ok, say this is necessary for "more xbox live friends" then they should give people another way to be able to play the games.

Ocelot5253204d ago

xbox live

never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

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MajestieBeast3204d ago

Skynet is born before you know it milo will take over the world.

DarkBlood3204d ago

ya skynet is selfaware it will track all halo 2 players down and today i just set my self up for termination :P

fhizikz3204d ago

its down i couldn't sign in

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