Alan Wake - The First 12 Minutes (Spoilers)

The first 12 minutes of Alan Wake revealed.

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Natsu X FairyTail4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

I havent played it I know but I feel like this game will be something big. Graphics , Gameplay , Story everything seems to be working well And this actually look like it's SCARY unlike RE5(which i still liked but...)


edit: lol @ 3diagrees. Sorry it's not on PS3 guys.

Carlton Banks4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Well it aint graphics king material like many said, but it looks good.

Edit: Also people really bashed Killzone 2 heavily for having a lot of blur, I wonder if this game will get the same treatment.

PS360_374209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Artistically it might have the best graphics, but for straight graphics power, UC2 and KZ2 are still the best.

These graphics plus amazing gameplay and story would equal a great title. Lets hope these two parts are just as good.

Wow 3 disagrees in 6 minutes.

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lowcarb4209d ago

I could give a flying spaghetti crap about UC2 or KZ2! Alan Wake looks better to me in every way to those titles and hopefully lives up to the hype. Right now Alan Wake is a must have followed by Red Dead in MAY! You guys and gals go ahead and keep bringing up games you feel can't be touched while us gamers play them all and enjoy the best of both worlds.

bboss4209d ago

After seeing this, best 360 graphics still goes to Mass Effect 2. I really like the atmosphere though.

Anton Chigurh4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

"Also people really bashed Killzone 2 heavily for having a lot of blur, I wonder if this game will get the same treatment. "

I think they are using the same technique as Max Payne in here which is called Slow motion mode aka Bullet Time.

here is a better screenshot for AW

infamousinfolite4209d ago

The game looks good but ppl stop trying to compare this to the PS3 games in graphics that department is over dethroning PS3 games in graphics would take... take a miracle. It's not happening people. Get over it. LOL But I give it to remedy this game looks good. Not OMG IMPRESSIVE GRAPHICS BETTER THAN GOW3/UNCHARTED2 AND ALL THEM OTHER GAMES ON THE PS3. No! Just looks great and better than the games I've played in terms of graphics on the 360 (halo 3, gears 2,...)

Kratos Spartan4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

carlton banks just said that. what's goin on...

edit: Anton you son of edited your comment

Cold 20004209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Nope! Not watching it.

Just 30 days to go.

Cold 20004209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

So still getting the PC version you pre-ordered ? :D

@below: Didnt you hear ? They picked the PS3 so that means nobody is allowed to be happy about anything on the 360.
Excited for something coming to the 360 = massive disagrees from uneasy PS3 loyalists.

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Shaman4209d ago

So Gears 2 still holds the 360 graphics crown...AW looks great,especially lighting and volumetric fog but somewhat it apears a bit stiff and everything looks just rough,like low poly count.Dont know but i do know that UC2 looks better.

infamousinfolite4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Of course it does unfortunately some certain types of people can't or refuse to see that. Fact. Another fact is a fanboy of a certain side is going to respond to this comment. Watch!

meetajhu4209d ago

Omg that was awesome! REMEDY FTW

Christopher4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Having watched the whole video now, here is my honest opinion... and DO NOT WATCH if you don't want to hear any spoilers, there's a lot revealed just in those 12 minutes about the overall story:

1. Graphics are good, but unfortunately not the best we've seen on the console or likely will see this year. But, they would likely rank in the top 20 at the moment, not sure if I can say that at the end of the year. They did an excellent job with the rays of lights, though. Not a fan of the particle lighting effects I've seen previously, but none where shown in this video. Atmosphere is there and the game feels like one of the 80s thriller movies from Steven King, which in my book is a very good thing.

2. Animations during some of the cut scenes kind of annoyed me. A bit stiff in some respects for some reason. Don't know why. Perhaps this is an older build?

3. No blood. That just annoys me. I'm not asking for gratuitous blood, but when you pull the axe out of a guy you just chopped into, it should have something on it rather than looking as pristine as it was beforehand.

4. Still not a fan of the self-narration and hopefully the length between cut scene and action gameplay is increased. I'm assuming this is because it's early in the game for tutorial and all, but kind of got annoying seeing you run for a few seconds, start a cut scene, run for a few seconds, start a cut scene, run for 10 seconds, start a cut scene, run 15 seconds, etc.

Edit: People should rate individual comments, not the people who comment. I don't see any reason why people would disagree with Cold2000's desire to play the game in 30 days as he posted in comment 1.10.

1-oj4209d ago

I'm sure this will be a AAA title like Metro & SCC, oh wait! :D

spandexxking4209d ago

when the TV turned on in the cabin all i could think of was max paynes creepyness! good job remedy

EvilBlackCat4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Same thing in every Alan Wake news

PS3 loyalists show off to bash this game bringing the old ps3 hyped games KillZone 2 & Uncharted in their comments. I havent read all comments but i know that Of course Heavy Rain is mentioned somewhere.

I wonder about those who commented before that they reserved this game for PC and that a PC copy it was the right direction... well you can wait like 1 year or 2 for it.

Alan Wake > Heavy Rain HARDCORE RAPE!



Luigi huuhhh!!! Loyalists!!! ???

LOL and the light give him a flashlight with energizers and a gun.

Shang-Long4209d ago

disagree if I'm wrong but I think since this brings something new for 360 owners other then just another shooter,I think this will sell well and score in the 9's.

And sorry some guys spoiled the ending for y'all it's sux. Cuz the same happened to me and heavy rain.

Fanb0y4209d ago

Holy SH*T! That was actually quite thrilling - even when I was just the spectator. Might purchase the game now.

I do wish they controlled the camera a bit more. Sometimes the player doesn't know where all the cool things are happening, and he/she can easily miss some of the coolest moments of the game.

StanLee4209d ago

That was amazing. I'm really looking forward to this game. The game truly looks fantastic. Since 2008 I've heard the XBox 360 is maxed out but games just keep looking better and better.

badz1494209d ago

"take the light"..."take the gun"..."I'm going to give you your dream back" haven...HAHAHAHA....I don't know why but those are too funny! I still can't stop laughing! (^0^)~LOL

that lamp beside of the road (aka safety haven LOL) can heal me...OMG why haven't I noticed? come on, just make the health regenerates like every other game does or pain killer like in Max Paine and it won't look so stupid! and that's a fvcking talking light over there, why the fvck does it gives you only a pistol? give me an assault rifle at least or better, RPG! THAT IS 1 FUNNY TUTORIAL!

Chubear4209d ago

The first 3mins in and the game is TELLING you how you should feel and not letting you experience it's flow. If it's jam packed full of 70s/80s horror movie cliches in the first 12mins then I can't imagine how the rest of the game will be.

I just dont see how this can be viewed as a "AAA" experience. I'm sorry but after 5yrs of development, that was pretty lame.

nveenio4209d ago

That seemed a little disjointed story-wise. They were really handing a lot of information over while still trying to be mysterious. As long as that clears up once the player is properly introduced to the world then it will probably be pretty sweet. Graphics were a little loose, but I really sorta expected that since they switch from open world to more linear during development. What I really liked about it is how the tweaked the atmosphere so perfectly that you actually feel an urgency for getting into the light any time you see walking through a dark alley all by yourself. That's pretty cool. GJ devs!

Still not a system seller for me, though...

ryano232774209d ago

I am a bit mixed about that 12 minutes.

Graphics - great (not the best, but they are good)
The Way the story is presented - really interesting & there are going to be moments in the game where the heart will be racing.

Where my feelings are a little mixed is the gameplay. It is purely a TPS and I was expecting something a lot more unique.

RonRico4209d ago

that's great. i'm sorry but this does NOT look better then the titles you listed. on what basis are you judging these on? Jesus, you really get off on this huh?

RonRico4209d ago

and red dead looks better AND it's an open world. BoooYaah!

thewhoopimen4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

I felt that the gameplay tutorial was very... how should I put it... hokey/implausible. I would've preferred it if Alan had found the flashlight after it fell from a shelf in the cabin when the entity started shaking the house. Perhaps run outside with the flashlight in a pitch black environment and then happen to shine the light on the body of his dead buddy (who happens to have a gun).

Or better yet, have the dark entity invade his friend's body and have Alan shine the light on the entity... which then drops the gun. Then Alan manages to grab the gun and shoot the entity dead. The line, "That is all. I will give you back your dream now,"made by the Light is especially corny and really confirms my belief that the writer for this script...isn't that great.

I am still reeling from the FBI/Police Chief dialogue video from last year... That was horrible.

The light in the sky thing seems kind of amateurish because it doesn't really tell you who the f* it is. Stephen King said to leave the horror element a mystery... not the tutorial narrator.

*Addendum: I can also see what someone else mentioned earlier about cinematically scripted camera angles... Some of the parts where the cyclone throwing up cars and water towers would've been more dramatic if u could see Alan faced toward you with the cyclone behind... It was clear the player couldn't do it properly while he/she was playing.

rareairtone4208d ago

You don't shoot them until the outer darkness breaks. I like this because it adds tension. You'll waste more bullets if you shoot them before the darkness goes away

4208d ago

I was expecting a better gameplay.

The graphics are just amazing. But the gameplay, nothing especial.

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D4RkNIKON4209d ago

Exactly, it will only be GOTY for xbox. The over all GOTY 2010 goes to GOW3.

Natsu X FairyTail4209d ago

GOTY will be Zelda , Metroit other M or Halo Reach.

everybody forgot about GOW3 already,

Hellsvacancy4209d ago

Halo Reach? man, another crack smoker

PS360_374209d ago

GOW is a great game, but not GOTY worthy.

Convas4209d ago

I find it strange that you should comment on weed smoking ...

Pot calling kettle black?

infamousinfolite4209d ago

"everybody forgot about GOW3 already"

^^^ Are you basing this on the fact that there is no more GOW3 articles coming up on N4G or everyone in your town/city/state doesn't talk about GOW3 anymore?

Hellsvacancy4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Clizzz - Mofo, wot r u talkin about? Crack and Pot r 2 TOTALLY different things man

eagle214209d ago

don't try and hide Halo Reach behind SUPERIOR games like the upcoming Zelda Wii and Metroid: Other M. We know Zelda Wii will be a GOTY contender and Metroid will rock.

Halo Reach won't win GOTY over those two. :)

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Hank Hill4209d ago

Looks like it should be a good game, I'd say about an 8. Alan runs awkwardly.

BeaArthur4209d ago

You've played the final version?

aviator1894209d ago

You're saying that the game should get an 8 because the main character runs awkwardly and you've never even played the final build? Makes sense...not.

4209d ago
TheRedTerror4209d ago

You guys like to bash someone's opinion of a game. It's not like he's bashing AW. Hank can rate it however he wants lol.

Christopher4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Wow... I mean, there's fanboy and then there's FANNNNBOYYYYY.

Heavy Rain is in a whole different ballpark, has some graphical issues, but to call it a last-gen Sims-look-alike? That's like me calling Alan Wake the equivalent to RE1 on the PSOne, honestly.

Both games look good in their own right, neither is 'last gen' tech or look.

Edit: Would love to hear if those who disagree with me do so because
1. Neither of the games look good
2. Only Alan Wake looks good
3. Only Heavy Rain looks good

Mista T4209d ago

this looks boring as **** anyway. I can imagine myself playing this once and never playing it again

BeaArthur4209d ago

TheRedTerror...says the guy with the new account. Stealth troll much?

Mr Microsoft4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

@ Gamer7l - An 8 is now bad? geeze.

Look, Alan (trytokeepmea) Wake probably won't be an 8, so get your panties out of a bind. It'll get a few 7's or 8's here and there, but there will be plenty of websites that will give it the occassional 9 too.

Just because it had to be scaled back and is no longer a sand-box type game and just because it couldn't live up to the PC bullshots passed off as the 360 screenshots, doesn't mean that it'll be all bad. I'm sure it'll do fine.

So, try to calm down.

TheRedTerror4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

LOL, this account has been here for months! I usually don't comment, i just read through the articles. I thought today i'd actually try to talk a little more. I am not trolling nor is this account linked to anyone else. Maybe do a little more research lol, its been here for quite a while just rarely used. You're a usual troll around here, i don't need to find links to prove it :) made a comment november 2009.

BeaArthur4209d ago am I a troll? I own all 3 systems and have proof. Funny that you never comment yet you decide to break your silence to defend a known fanboy/troll.

TheRedTerror4209d ago

again, a little research wouldn't hurt. I didn't break silence on him, i commented on another article before this one. This is why some people like me dont usually comment cause of all the faboy stuff. Regardless of whether or not hank "trolls", i don't believe his comment here was an attack. He said he likes the game...except awkward running. I don't really see that(awkward running), but he's entitled to whatever opinion of the game he wants. My proof of you trolling is that you simply attacked him for his opinion about the game. That comment he made had nothing to do with downing xbox360. It's not always a war you know! If you'd like to sort out our differences and comment further on this, pm me. I'm not an unreasonable fanboy lol

TheRedTerror4209d ago

i dont see how an 8 is a slap in the only is a slap in the face if you let it be or you're serving in the console war. I can see how hank's wording could be left to interpretation and how it suggests something negative. But honestly it just seems like digging up something that's not there. it's like you want him to be negative about AW lol, cause honestly i saw nothing wrong with that one comment by itself (disregarding anyother posts he may have made that were trolling). Honestly i don't care to question his past or current "way of thinking" it's just an opinion and shouldn't be instantly dogged on, that's all i was trying to point out.

divideby04209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

^ red... many of us here have all the consoles so anytime we post something not 100% positve about a game from any console...many get their panties in a bunch... since FF was a letdown, SC missed the mark and AW (which is my 2nd buy game for my 360 this year) doesnt look as good as many thought..many 360ers are just feeling jilted.
I am amazed that I have not seen NE1 on my Live list playing SC..yet... have to wait through the weekend...

The Creep4209d ago

you said this looks boring.
i would like to ask you if you think heavy rain was any boring?

BeaArthur4208d ago

TheRedTerror...maybe you need to spend more time in the comments section then so you can learn how to spot a stealth troll. Hank Hill doesn't own an Xbox 360 and he will not be playing this game. He's just trying to annoy everyone else.

N4BmpS4208d ago

So I guess the new thing now is that every time something involving Alan Wake is shown or released you'll relate it to Heavy Rain? Come on Heavy Rain is a great game it has haters, Alan Wake looks great, it also has haters. One thing is for certain, I'm gonna get someone with a 360 to but this game. If they don't want it, I'm holding their pet or something hostage.

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the-warriors4209d ago

to Proof that watch my Disagree after few minutes looool

Hellsvacancy4209d ago

How can sum-1 like u hav such a cool name (The Warriors, 1 of my fav games/films) and b such an idiot?

infamousinfolite4209d ago

The graphics look good in this.....

unfortunatley I seen this happen before and if I'm not mistaken don't all games at night look good anyway?! So it's getting off too easy. In the light it probably look like just cause 2 I presume or little bit better than that.