New PC Age of Conan E3 2007 Trailer

New PC E3 2007 Trailer for Age of Conan

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Blasphemy4301d ago

This game looks so awesome and I wouldn't mind having it but I would have to upgrade my pc to play it.

Crazyglues4301d ago

I mean tell me about it, i'm in the process of trying to get a new PC just because of Crysis, after seeing the direct x10 version of the game I just couldn't contain myself. I have to have it.

And there is no way my PC right now can handle a game like that. I need something like that new Dell XPS 720 H2c Quad processor with Dual GTX graphics cards... I'm gonna need to run a few games at full specs with no problem...

Now if they can just make a Really Amazing 42" Flat Panel computer monitor to play all this on I would be in heaven

risk4301d ago

u can make a serious gaming pc for under $1500 all you need to do is search for the best deals.and if u get really lucky u might be able to get an sli/crossfire rig for under $1600.

ALIEN4301d ago

That S#$$ looks cool.

VirtualGamer4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

However that I am sorry to say is not gameplay. The game should be amazing all the same and one I am really looking forward to. Its coming to PC and 360 but not to the PS3, which I was a bit disappointed since the PS3 supports mouse and keyboard. If this game gets good reviews I might just get a 360 to play it since thats far cheaper then getting a new PC just to play it.