GamesRadar: Monster Hunter Tri Review

Monster Hunter fights last up to 50 minutes; 50 minutes of full-on claw-evading, potion-swigging, monster-cleaving concentration. Fingers Riverdance over buttons, rolling and leaping. Eyes dart for safe ground, hungrily searching for the five seconds needed to sharpen a dulled blade. Gobbling meat claws back in-game stamina, but does nothing for your own, sapped after nearly an hour of constant action. As the Classic Controller Pro threatens to slip from your moistened palms you ask yourself: outside of Wii Fit, when did you last break a gaming sweat?

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Myst3106d ago

Good score and a very good read, can't wait for this game to come out. Going to put a few things aside and get started on it the moment I get home. No matter what homework I might have.

One thing I don't understand is:

"Difficult battles don't have enough feedback" and
"First few hours are clunky"

The first one I really don't understand and the second I kind of understand, but at the same time don't 100% understand.